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Clearing IG Takeover

All the great questions from our Clearing Instagram takeover

We’re open for Clearing until mid-September and to help answer all your Clearing queries, we recently handed our Instagram account over to our Student Recruitment Managers, Hannah Pike and Beth Jobbins. They received numerous questions about the Clearing process so we thought we would share their expertise and advice with everyone.

Leo Goatley header

Understanding Fred and Rose West: An interview with Leo Goatley

Leo Goatley is a sole practitioner and ULaw alumnus. From 1992 to 2004 Leo represented one of the most notorious women in British criminal history, Rose West.

Rose West, and her husband Fred were charged with the murder of twelve women and girls over a peri-od of twenty years. Fred committed suicide while awaiting trial but Rose went on to be convicted of ten murders. In his forthcoming book, Understanding Fred and Rose West: Noose, Lamella and the Gilded Cage, Leo looks back at his time working on the case that changed his life and shocked a nation. We caught up with Leo to get an insight into working on such a high-profile case and how it inspired his writing.

Results day survival guide

Results day survival guide

Well done. You’ve made it this far. You’ve worked hard and you’re ready for the next step, university. Here are our tips for making the day you receive those all-important exam results as stress-free as possible.