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Ethical business models: BOGO

Ethical products are more popular than ever but there’s one business model that takes this idea a step further. You may be familiar with the buy one get one free (BOGOF) offers that you see in supermarkets but the internet is now home to a wealth of BOGO (buy one, give one)  businesses. BOGO (sometimes known as one-for-one giving) sees businesses donate one product for every one sold. 

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards – Entrepreneur for Good Award winner Julie Anne Parker

Our ULaw Business School is the proud sponsor of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the second year. Originally founded in 2013 to acknowledge the hard work and inspiring stories of British entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Great Britain the annual event includes awards such as Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year, the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award and Entrepreneur for Good Award.

Taking up Space: An Interview with Chelsea Kwakye

Cambridge graduate Chelsea Kwakye is currently studying the GDL at our Moorgate Campus but it’s not just Chelsea’s education that makes her future so bright. As the only black girl in her history cohort she fought imposter syndrome to become Vice President of the African-Caribbean Society, Captain of Homerton Ladies Football team and the BME Officer for Homerton Union of Students. Now she’s studying law, has a training contract confirmed and is writing her first book under Stormzy’s #Merky publishing imprint. With so much to talk about let’s dive right in…