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Clearing do's and don'ts

Huge numbers of students have come through Clearing and gone on to have successful academic and professional careers across the globe. Our Admissions Team has put together a list of dos and don’ts to help you navigate the Clearing process smoothly.

By Cara Fielder. Published 14 July 2023. Last updated 14 July 2023.

Do . . .


Think about your options before Clearing. Especially if you are worried your grades might not be as good as you hoped. Research universities and courses that appeal to you so you have some backup ideas in mind.

Get advice early

It’s worth asking people for advice when talking about your university aspirations. Teachers and careers advisors can help point you in the right direction to find a range of other people whose advice could be invaluable.

Visit universities you are interested in virtually or in person – even if they are on your back up list

Do all you can to get a real feel for the university you're potentially joining. We're happy to offer campus tours as well as both on-campus and virtual open days. Book your visit now and discover more about how we can support your career journey.

You can also visit our ULaw campus location wepages where you'll find a virtual tour available under 'campus facilities'.

Enjoy your summer

You worked hard to get to this point and you deserve a rest. Take some time to get some life (and possibly work) experience and catch up with friends so you're refreshed when you come back to your studies.

Get everything you need for Clearing to hand before you call

When you call our Clearing hotline on 0808 3019834, make sure you have your Clearing number, UCAS Personal ID number if you have one, your the exam results and details of the qualifications you hold.

Call us

All universities, including ourselves, will need to talk to you and some may even do a short telephone interview before they offer you a place. Phoning is essential. Contact us on our Clearing hotline - 0808 3019834.

Think carefully about your options, then make a decision

If you already have an offer, you have to request a release from your firm and/or insurance choices before you can go through Clearing. You can’t change your mind, so you need to be sure. You can call our Clearing line and potentially receive a verbal offer whatever your status. However, you can only add us as your Clearing choice, then accept our offer once you have been released from any firm/insurance choice.

Don’t . . .


Many students have come through Clearing and gone on to have hugely successful academic and professional careers.

Wait until your results come out to consider your options

The competition for Clearing places can be intense. Don’t assume a place offered through Clearing is not in demand. There are lots of reasons a place might still be open.

Think it’s too late to apply if you haven’t done so yet

You can apply through Clearing now. You can call our Clearing line and get a verbal offer before you have a UCAS application. You would need a UCAS application in order to accept that Clearing offer, but there is no problem with calling first.

Accept the first offer you get

Unless you have done your research and know it is the right choice for you.

Let your mum or dad call for you

Unless you have nominated them on your UCAS form, you will need to talk to Clearing staff yourself. Don’t worry, staff manning Clearing phones are all super helpful specialists and they may even have gone through Clearing themselves.

Give up

There are lots of options during Clearing. Just be prepared for it to take a little time. Phone lines may be busy, but keep trying.

Assume you have not got your place

Don’t conclude you haven’t got your place if your grades were lower than expected. Check via UCAS Hub first.

Be on holiday/away for the weekend during and just after Clearing

If you think you may need to apply through Clearing, it's a time to be at home, use the phone and get that university place.

Clearing is open until 21 September. You can call us now on 0808 3019834.