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All the great questions from our Clearing Instagram takeover

We’re open for Clearing until mid-September and to help answer all your Clearing queries we recently handed our Instagram account over to our Student Recruitment Managers, Hannah Pike and Beth Jobbins. They received numerous questions about the Clearing process so we thought we would share their expertise and advice with everyone.

By Cara Fielder. Published 31 July 2020. Last updated 24 March 2023.

After the A-levels results are out mid-August, what should I do to apply for Clearing?
After you have received your results, if they are not what you expect, call our Clearing team on 0808 3019834 and they will be able to talk you through what courses we have available.

How do I add ULaw as my Clearing choice on UCAS?
Head to the UCAS Track page and log in, go to the ‘Your Choices’ section of Track and click ‘Add clearing choice.’ Then you can enter the details of your chosen course with us.

Do I need to pay an application fee to apply through Clearing?
Not at all, applying through Clearing is completely free, so save that hard-earned money for summer spending.

If I don’t get my predicted grades do I still have a chance through Clearing? Do you lower your grade boundaries?
If you find on results day that you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for, don’t panic. Get in touch with out Clearing team and the may well be able to offer you a place still. This could be on one of our standard courses or potentially on one of our foundation year courses.

Can we apply through Clearing before results day, in case our expected results aren’t what we expected?
Clearing opened on 6th July so you can apply any time, but if you’re already holding any firm or insurance offers from another university, you will need to check with them first as they will need to release you into Clearing before you can apply to us.

If I meet your required grades and apply on results day how fast can I get a Clearing offer?
If you call our Clearing team on the day of your results, subject to you meeting our entry requirements, we should be able to make you an offer there and then on the phone.

How do I reply to a Clearing offer?
Great news! You don’t even need to reply to a Clearing offer, once you’ve added ULaw as your choice all you need to do is sit back and wait for the ULaw admissions team to confirm your place on UCAS Track and that’s it.

How long will my Clearing offer be valid for?
Verbal Clearing offers have no expiry date, so they will remain valid until the course commences in mid-September, or until the course is full.

How long does it take to receive an offer letter after putting in an application?
Our Admissions team try to turn things around as quickly as they can. We would say approx. 1-2 weeks for a Clearing application to be processed, but it may well be quicker.

How long does it take on the phone? I want to be able to plan my celebrations!
We love this. We will have some questions to ask during the Clearing process but the team will deal with queries as quickly as possible so you can get to celebrating as quickly as possible.

I’m nervous about Clearing. What are your top tips?
Biggest tip would - be don’t panic. You’ve got plenty of time and it’s a big decision so don’t rush. Check out our ‘Results day survival guide’ blog for more tips for staying cool.

If I call the Clearing line, how do I submit my online results slip to the team?
Once your offer has been made by the Clearing team you will need to send through confirmation of your grades to us once you receive your offer email.

Do you offer Clearing for the 2 year LLB?
Yes, all of our courses are included in Clearing. For the most up-to-date places available, either call our Clearing hotline on 0808 3019834 or visit the UCAS website and search for Clearing courses.

When are the Clearing phone lines open?
We’re open for Clearing and taking calls on 0808 3019834.

Once I’ve received a Clearing offer, what is the fastest payment method for the tuition fee?
Once your Clearing offer has been confirmed you will receive an email with more information, including details on how to process your fees and the options available to you.

Can you provide a list of courses available through Clearing?
We have lots of great courses to choose from. On our website you can see the full list of law, business policing and criminology courses. You can also discover what Clearing places are available through the UCAS website.

What qualifications do you need to apply for the LLB?
Our standard entry requirements for our undergraduate law degrees are three Bs at A-level but we do accept BTECH and other international qualifications as well. You can call our Clearing hotline on 0808 3019834 for more details on entry requirements.

When is the last date to apply through Clearing?
Clearing is open until the courses commence, around mid-September, so you’ve got six weeks in the summer to apply. However, courses can fill up so we recommend you apply asap.

Do I need to tell ULaw if I have used the ‘self release’ option through UCAS?
Yes, but we’ll also send out an email just to make sure you’re happy with the decision.

Does Clearing include the BPTC (Now BPC) as well or only undergraduate courses?
Clearing is just for our undergraduate students at ULaw but if you’re interested in any of ULaw postgraduate degrees just head to our website for more information..

Can I pay university fees in dollars?
Yes, you can pay the fees for your undergraduate degree in foreign currency. However, you should be aware that it’s likely to be transferred into British pounds and you might be subject to some additional fees and some transfer charges.

Does doing an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) affect what grades are accepted?
No, not at all. Doing an EPQ is a great addition to your A-levels and BTECs but it’s worth noting that we won’t be able to accept an EPQ in the place of a grade A, A-level.

When do your courses start?
All of our undergraduate courses start with an induction, which is the week commencing 21 September. It’s a really important week because you get provided with all the information you need, you get to meet the tutors, the students and you also get to know your new campus.

When will I receive my timetable and induction information?
Usually students receive their induction information approximately two weeks before the course is due to start.

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