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My Clearing experience: Orsolya Csomortani

Orsolya is currently studying the LLB (Hons) Law with International Business at our London Bloomsbury campus after joining us through Clearing. We caught up with Orsolya to learn more about their Clearing journey.

By Cara Fielder. Published 15 July 2022. Last updated 24 March 2023.

It was 8:30am when I picked up the phone and dialled ULaw’s Clearing phone number (0808 3019834). I was put in contact with a lovely member of staff who could hear my voice was shaking and that I was very nervous. He spent around 45 minutes on the phone with me, taking all my details, encouraging me and telling me that everything would be alright. His positive attitude, calm tone of voice and encouraging energy gave me the confidence to impress the next person I was put in contact with; this was the head of the Foundation Year. She interviewed me and listened to my story. I felt understood, supported and uplifted, which I believe every student needs when they are looking for reassurance. I spent around 15 minutes talking to her and I was offered a place immediately. A day that had started with fear and uncertainty turned into a day of success, stability and hope.

I knew nothing about Clearing before I needed it. It was stressful at the beginning, when I first called ULaw, but it soon turned into a comforting and positive outcome.

I learnt about ULaw when a student and staff member visited my college in my first year. They presented a very interactive talk and shared the University’s ethos which stuck with me.

I chose to study the LLB (Hons) Law with International Business because I studied business as one of my A-levels; I really enjoyed it and knew I wanted more. I chose to study law because it challenges me and constantly feeds my curiosity and problem-solving drive. Law with International Business seemed like the perfect course as I am very interested in EU law and the international market. In the future, I am looking to become a solicitor and specialise in real estate law or EU law.

I expected to meet the requirements of my first-choice university. I was predicted high grades and I believed I would get them because I had put a lot of time and work into my course. It all took me by surprise but the understanding and patience of ULaw staff members really stood out when I applied. They could hear in my voice that I was nervous and upset but dedicated. I believe I was able to perform well in my interview because the members of staff were so kind and easy to talk to.

I had no idea if ULaw had Clearing spaces before I called. When I received my A-level results, I remembered the time a ULaw staff member and teacher visited my college. All I could think about is how pleasant that experience was. I Googled ULaw London and called the first number I could find. I was put through to the Clearing line (0808 3019834) and I had my interview.

Clearing definitely worked out for me. Now I live in the city of my dreams and I learn from tutors who actually work within the legal field. I am surrounded by peers who are as dedicated and hardworking as I am, and we push each other.

I am very pleased that I am at ULaw. It has taught me a lot about adulthood, responsibilities, reliability, and teamwork. 

My top tip for students going through Clearing - breath. Everything will be ok. Trust the process, believe that you have something to offer to the university besides learning and be open with the interviewer.


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