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Learn Your Way: An interview with Sofia Mitrofan

Sofia Mitrofan joined ULaw in 2019 to study the GDL online. After graduating in 2021, she plans to enrol on our LPC LLM. We caught up with Sofia to discuss how studying online has helped her take the next step towards her dream career.

By Cara Fielder. Published 12 April 2021. Last updated 23 September 2021.

After carefully researching my options, the reason I chose The University of Law was that it provided clear assurance of commitment regarding supporting and guiding students throughout their course and beyond.

In 2019, when I finally decided to start the conversion course, I was also working full-time. Therefore, it seemed sensible to choose studying online in my spare time while also keeping my work commitments unaltered.

The flexibility of online study allows me to study at my own pace without the pressure of having to commit to a strict schedule. Studying on campus would have given me the opportunity of face-to-face learning but my decision to study online proved to be the best option considering my circumstances. It appears to have been a good choice especially after the difficulties we all had to endure last year due to the pandemic.

I am getting closer to completing the GDL online (now the PGDL online) but I am committed to enrol in the LPC LLM for September 2021. The next chapter in reaching my ambition of becoming a solicitor.

I am extremely grateful to my tutors for the support and guidance that I have received. It is crucial, especially when studying online, to have your tutors checking your work and giving you constructive feedback in order to make sure that you are understanding your tasks and complete them correctly.

I have just started using the Employability Service and it proved to be a very useful tool in my search for a training contract with a law firm. I have already applied for a few training contracts opportunities which I have found on the ULaw Employability Portal and I am hoping to be able to secure a contract soon.

Almost every task I have to complete as part of the course is designed to focus on teamwork and collaboration. We are assigned to groups and every student tries to make a contribution to help the group achieve the best possible result to the task undertaken. We value each other’s contributions and we rely on helping each other. I consider everyone in my group a friend even though we only know each other virtually. We keep in constant communication and we support each other through encouragement and appreciation.

At the beginning of the course, I was concerned about not being able to rely on my tutors as referees on job applications as the course was delivered online but this fear was soon put to rest by my personal tutor by agreeing to act as a character witness on my applications.

The course is designed to give you the necessary time for studying, working and looking after your wellbeing. I have found the information given at the beginning of every unit regarding the time needed to allocate to every unit particularly useful. It has helped me organise my other commitments efficiently and avoided unnecessary pressure.

I would definitely recommend studying online. The benefits are numerous. It gives you the choice of organising your schedule to suit your commitments, you can still work full-time and learn, the tutors will guide and support you throughout your course and the online platform is well organised and easy to navigate. My advice is to start your course with confidence because everyone at The University of Law is cheering for you.

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