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Tackling the student mental health crisis with BeWell App

Recent stats show us the extent of the student mental health crisis. In academic year 2015/16, over 15,000 first-year students in UK universities reported that they had a mental health problem, compared to approximately 3,000 in 2006.

By Editorial Team. Published 11 December 2020. Last updated 11 January 2023.

University can be a stressful time. The change from living with parents, to living self-sufficiently can be strained enough, but with studying, exams and student loans, it’s no wonder students are feeling the pressure more than ever.

In continuing our efforts with supporting students with their health and wellbeing, The University of Law has launched the ULaw BeWell app for students – putting wellbeing and student support in the palm of their hands.

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The ULaw BeWell app is free of charge to our students. It combines social engagement activities, tools and educational content to empower all students to self-help and build positive habits, coping skills and resilience. Its features include daily articles and news items on personal wellbeing whilst studying, functionality for helping students to create healthy habits, enhance wellbeing and monitor their progress. The app also has articles and podcasts on a range of wellbeing and mindfulness topics and fun and interactive challenges, based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. BeWell also provides links to national and local sources of help and support, tailored to each campus with the ability to contact ULaw, local and national support services all from within the app.

With technology at the forefront of many industries as well as our lives, and with our devices becoming more social than ever, it’s key to utilise an app to help with student wellbeing. The app provides opportunity to make wellbeing and mindfulness a key part of students’ lives, further improving student welfare and in turn, assessment results. A happy student is a more successful student.

At ULaw, we want our students to have a fulfilling, rewarding experience and to feel fully supported whilst studying with us. From our counselling offering, to our study skills encouragement, you can check out ULaw full student support offering.

ULaw BeWell is available to download free of charge for iPhone and Android phones to all University of Law students and staff free of charge from the Apple app store and Google play store.