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Learn Your Way: Top tips for getting going in the morning

In a world that is constantly moving, being ready for your day can unlock the doors to success, happiness and wellbeing. Below are some top tips from experts and influencers for getting going in the morning. Activating these benefits in the morning will create an optimistic mindset that will set you up for successful study, rest and play.

The best unkept secret for getting going in the morning is that it starts the night before.

  • Sleep is a powerful healer. It balances our energy levels, repairs our bodies and filters the unconscious busyness in our minds. Having a great sleeping and waking rhythm is one of the most commonly shared tips from influencers.

The hottest tip for making the most of waking-up is to find your motivation slowly.

  • Wake-up in stages. Give yourself enough time for a waking-up/getting ready process. The worst thing for your wellbeing is feeling rushed when you are not even fully awake. For some, this could mean doing some gentle head-rolls and arm stretches before sitting-up. For others, choosing a motivation statement to get you up and moving is the magic key. This could be anything from “I’m really looking forward to seeing ‘X/Y’ today” to “Today, I’m going to achieve great things and make a delicious dinner.”

The ‘Breakfast of Champions’ has long been thought of as the cornerstone of a healthy and productive life.

  • Food is another secret weapon in conquering your day and getting going. Next to sleep, a balanced breakfast, rather than a banana or yogurt swiped from the fridge, can provide you with energy that will feed your body, but also your brain. When feeling full and hydrated we often come up with our best ideas and tasks that are sometimes challenging become easier. This is because we are experiencing a hit of those all-important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect our grey-matter from stress.

Which brings us to water…

  • Drinking water is a shortcut to feeling well and performing better. It’s good for the memory, will give you peachy skin and the increased oxygen to the brain will make getting going much easier.

So, what can you do now you are feeling alert and ready to make some moves?

A 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning, and decision-making. It does also produce the ‘stress hormone’ Cortisol, but we need this in moderation to feel balanced. Early morning exercise is also proven to increase mobility and our range of movement throughout the day. Activating these benefits in the morning will create an optimistic mindset that will set you up for successful study, rest and play.


If you are a ULaw student and would like to talk to someone about your physical and mental wellbeing, you can access Student Support Services via ULaw intranet.