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We Support Your Ambition: Zara Nasser

Whether it’s through classes, societies or social activities, our students at The University of Law get lots of time to get to know each other and build friendships. Zara Nasser is studying the LLB at our Birmingham campus. We are supporting her with her aspiration to pass the Bar and become a barrister, maybe progressing on to become a judge. We asked Zara about her experience so far of studying with us.

By Cara Fielder. Published 6 March 2020. Last updated 15 June 2022.

I chose ULaw because I thought if I’m going to be a lawyer, what better place is there than The University of Law? What sets this university apart from others is the commitment and dedication of the staff and lecturers who are all solicitors and barristers. We’re really lucky to have that level of experience advising us on a daily basis. The University has a great atmosphere, everyone feels like they are there with the right intention of helping others succeed; this makes you want to work harder yourself.

I picked the Birmingham campus because, for me, it is the perfect balance between the independence of university and the comfort of home. Studying while still living at home means that I don’t have to worry about responsibilities like cooking and bills. The location of the University is perfect as it is not in the busy town area so you have a feeling of security, but it’s only a few minutes by tram or bus from the town centre and shops.

The teaching methods are quite different from college, but in a good way. The large group sessions give you loads of information which can be a lot to take in; however, I think I speak for all students when I say that the workshops are a godsend and they ensure you understand all the information. The smaller groups in workshops allows even the more timid students to ask questions and gain a greater understanding of the topics. All the lecturers are really helpful during and after the large group and workshops too, which is very reassuring.

The University is better than I expected. It was a daunting transition as I didn’t know anyone who went here, but the students and staff are incredibly friendly and they made the transition feel seamless. I would definitely recommend ULaw to others. I’m very happy with my decision and would have regretted if I hadn’t chose this university.

All the ULaw tutors are great, but I have two favourites: Shaid Parveen and Julia Tozer. Julia is so inspiring with the qualifications and experience she has under her belt. Her working in Spain, being a partner in a firm and teaching makes you think that the reading for law trove I do (and complain about) is nothing in comparison. All the tutors have helped me push myself and believe in myself. I hadn’t studied any law before starting the LLB and was worried about how it would be. But with their help I feel like I have made the right decision and I was born to be a lawyer.

I’ve made so many friends during the course. Nobody I knew came to this university with me, so that made the transition a bit harder. However, I went to the skills day before the course began and I met a few people there who have become great friends. It even turned out that some of them are in my workshop group. The friends and connections I’ve made have definitely made the course more enjoyable.

My ambition is to pass the Bar and become a barrister. After my career takes off, another challenge I’d like to take on is hopefully becoming judge. ULaw is really helping me strive for my aspirations by offering many opportunities to get involved. There are competitions and conferences, and the Employability and Pro Bono teams are wonderful in helping with what to do next. The advice of the lecturers and guest speakers who were barristers is really interesting to get a first-hand insight into the life of a barrister.

I’d advise other students to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be shy; this is the time to try and learn from your mistakes. The skills you acquire can be applied throughout the course. Make use of the tutors and don’t be afraid to ask questions; everyone is in the same boat and you saying something might help others too. Above all else just enjoy the experience; life goes by quicker every day, so don’t waste yours by worrying.

I am currently part of the charity society. We meet on a regular basis as we are currently organising the Women's Aid event. Within the society I give ideas on what events we could do and then help execute the event to the best we can. I enjoy being part of this society as it raises money for much needed causes and promotes the message to help those who are less fortunate than us.

The chance to get involved in societies also means a lot to me professionally. It helps build my skillset, especially organisation and communication, as well as working with those in other years who I otherwise wouldn’t communicate with on a daily basis. Joining societies means I can put something extra on my CV and show that I can balance both work and extracurricular activities.

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