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How to find the best legal recruitment agencies

When looking to find a job in the world of law after graduating, there are many avenues to take including using a recruitment agency. The next question however, is narrowing down the pool of recruitment firms and finding the right one for you.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 24 January 2022. Last updated 11 January 2023.

Don’t be afraid to reach out first

Often recruitment agencies reach out to candidates they think are suitable for a job, but there’s nothing stopping you from making the first move. Legal recruitment agencies not only have expert knowledge about the legal space but can provide advice on developing your CV, performing well in interviews, and getting started in your job search.

It always helps to make connections, so even if they don’t have any current vacancies that interest you, they might remember you in the future when a suitable opportunity comes up and reach out to you then.


Do your research

In the same way that an employer or recruitment agency would do their research on you, make sure you do your digging on them. A powerful tool in finding a suitable recruitment agency is defining your goals and priorities with your job search and seeing how the agency aligns with this. For example, you might consider how long the firm has been established and what their reputation is in the industry.

For many, the top priority will be what opportunities the agency can provide. Some agencies might work with small law firms while others will work with larger, more high-profile firms. It is also likely that their client base will work within a particular area of legal practice. Consider what type of legal work you want to go into, and this will guide you in finding the best legal recruitment agency depending on the types of clients they typically work with.


Make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for increasing your visibility to recruiters, so if you do not already have an account your first step is to sign up. Once you have made an account, go into your settings and make sure your status is set to ‘looking for employment’. This filter means that you will appear in recruiter’s searches and it’s more likely that they will be able to contact you with suitable opportunities.

LinkedIn is an excellent first step to take from student to professional and will help you to make valuable connections in the world of work.


Be well-prepared

While recruitment agencies are there to help, you will get more out of the experience if you have already put in a good chunk of the work. This means having all of your relevant educational and work experience outlined clearly on your CV, getting work experience, having a strong LinkedIn profile, and setting yourself up as a working professional even while you are still studying.

Another way to ensure that you are well-prepared when finding the best recruitment firm is having a list of questions. Think back to your research and if there is anything you couldn’t find out yourself. Ask about who they work with, their values, and anything that you think is important.


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