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We Support Your Ambition: Diamante Mbombo Moganizi

Diamante is currently doing her first year accelerated LLB at our Bloomsbury campus. With an ambition to become a barrister, Diamante carefully balances her studies with being a mother of two young children. We caught up with her to discuss why she chose to study with us and how we’re helping her to reach her ambition.

By Cara Fielder. Published 29 May 2020. Last updated 27 January 2023.

I looked at several different universities but The University of Law stood out to me because it specialises in law. I also read several articles and spoke to different students that had come to ULaw and they all recommended it over other universities.

During Fresher’s week, we had a whole day on employability. They showed us how they can help us with our CVs, how to find Pro-Bono opportunities, things that a lot of other universities don’t actually do – I am really grateful for that.

I’m really close to all the friends that I’ve made at ULaw. We all have group chats where we speak about our work and we’ve bonded really well. We’re really close and everyone is so motivated to finish the course and do well. It’s amazing to have met people that are driven like me; we’re going to succeed together.

I am mother of two, a one-year-old and a two-year-old. It’s definitely not easy, being a mum whilst studying, but I have been able to manage family life and studying. When I am at home, the majority of time, I am with my kids, but once they go to bed I am straight back to student mode.

When I’m at University I get a break away from being a mum and I can just be a student again. I work hard when I’m at ULaw and my friends are very supportive. 

Studying with children while suffering from depression and anxiety is not a walk in the park, but it's not impossible. To support my mental health, I mainly write blogs and treat them as my diary; to express myself in ways I may not be able to with my friends or family. I also attend the gym straight after University to help me release any stress and free my mind. Once I get home, I can take care of my children and have a fresh mind to revise. 


I used the Support Services at the University, and I would 100 percent recommend it. If it wasn't for the support from The University of Law, I don't know what I would have done or where I would be right now. There have been times where I needed support with exams and speaking to someone about my mental health. The University never hesitated to accommodate me with all the support available. Never once did they make me feel less than any other student that may be younger than me with no children. I was treated equally and fairly.


For me, the best thing about studying whilst being a mother is the achievement and the reward. You might ask what reward? Or assume the degree is the reward. No; my children looking up to me, praising me, encouraging me with their smile is the reward. I want to show my children that you can do anything in this world if you put your mind to it, no matter the circumstance you're in. For me, that alone is a lesson no one can teach my children better than I can with the help and support of an amazing university.


As a parent you become organised even if you weren't before having children. See your studies as another child. Be organised and have a timetable set out. Set out an hour or so per day once the children are in bed to study, but do not drown yourself with work. Also, be disciplined and strive to do your best, and not be intimidated by anyone else as their circumstance is not yours. Lastly, don’t forget the reason you applied to The University of law, that will motivate you to cross the finishing line.


We recently had our Mock Week, which involves a lot of work; it gives you time to work on your essays and it’s helped to keep me up-to-date with where I am with my work. Being a mum, having to do the work and the preparation for each of the lecturers can be a bit difficult at times but student Services have been very supportive and helped by giving me an extension, which has given me more time to still complete my mocks.

I’ve recently been accepted as a student ambassador, which I am really excited about as I get to represent the University, not just here, but also at different institutions. I am also a class representative. So, not only do I get to represent my class, but the whole University, which is amazing.

My favourite tutor at ULaw is my tort lecturer, Christine. She is one of the most vibrant tutors I have ever met and she’s making Tort feel easy, even when I know it’s a difficult subject. She has a great sense of humour and just makes it flow.

My career ambition is to become a barrister. I would like to finish my LLB, complete pupillage, and eventually become a barrister.  I am so glad that I have come to ULaw achieve my ambitions.


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