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Why should you study an LLM?

Our LLM courses are one of the popular pathways into careers as a paralegal, legal secretary, legal executive, barrister clerk, teacher and more. With many variations, they allow you to specialise in specific areas, such as the LLM Healthcare Regulations, the LLM International Criminal Law and more. To gain real-life insight into studying an LLM, we caught up with three of our students who wanted to share their experiences.

By Cara Fielder. Published 24 May.

Current student Maria Maqueda - LLM International Human Rights Law – Bloomsbury campus

I moved to London from Argentina last January to make the most out of studying an LLM abroad. I did my law degree at home and pursued a master’s degree in judicial law there. Having worked at the civil court in Argentina for 5 years, my aim is to learn how human rights standards are applied in practise, especially in those countries that have adopted the common law system (which includes the UK).

The LLM is designed to be taught in 10 units, and each of them contains three parts (engage - preparation - consolidate). I appreciated the fact that the lecturers put great effort into developing my learning skills by encouraging me to participate in class during the workshop activities.

Workshops are carried out weekly and they were very useful to get feedback from my peers and the lecturers. Through the activities, my colleagues and I could exchange our opinions and contribute our professional experiences, which I found very enriching.

There is also a wide range of academic events. For example, I visited the Supreme Court and learnt how judicial processes take place here in the UK, as well as the functioning of the case-law system.

It has been very interesting to study the regional human rights systems and make comparisons between them by analysing the pros and cons of each system. Lastly, I enjoyed the last unit framed on women’s rights, which inspired me to continue working on my final dissertation (women’s political participation).


Current student Aiga Dalbera - LLM International Arbitration – Birmingham campus

When I successfully completed the LLB at The University of Law, I became the first member of my family to go to university..  Considering the theoretical and practical complexity of law, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. With English as my second language, and being a mature student and mother of two, I found it even more challenging. (But nothing is impossible.)

My main reason for choosing The University of Law was the attitude, support and encouragement of all of the staff. I have made great friends and experienced a life-changing journey throughout my studies.

Currently, I work for an international law firm, and I am amazed at how well the skills and knowledge I learnt at university come into play. It is not just at work; it literally changes your perspective and philosophy on life overall.


Alumnus Khaled Shivji – LLM International Legal Practice – Online campus

Today’s era of hyper-globalisation requires lawyers to learn how to work with clients and their lawyers across borders, time zones and with people who share different cultural values and business practices. I wanted to study international comparative law to strengthen my ability to close international deals, forge alliances and develop a truly global network of lawyers. Because of this, I chose the electives in International Capital Markets, International Business Law and International Commercial Law.

The University of Law’s LLM enabled me to enhance my knowledge of legal jurisprudence in civil law countries and countries in which cultural values and tradition play a very large part in business and trade. It has taught me to appreciate and respect the rich diversity in contract law, drafting standards and global legal principles. This enabled me to enhance my skills as an international trade lawyer and acquire complementary skills in diplomacy, deal-making, restructuring, and market entry strategies. It was a humbling experience.

I studied the LLM online, which was perfect for me. It enabled me to juggle my busy work schedule alongside the opportunity to study in my spare time. I really valued the fact that the course was totally immersive; I did not need to buy additional books or study materials, the University provided my entire reading list which enabled me to hit the books as soon as possible.  Lastly, the LLM administration office was really great at turning around requests for information, guidance and queries.

The LLM has enabled me to apply for roles that required a deeper level of legal practice experience and to leap-frog candidates who had accrued a greater number of post-qualification years of practice.


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