The University of Law Business School Advisory Board supports the School in achieving transformational and innovative education, and provides a productive link between students, educators and industry practitioners.

The Board consists of high-level business executives from leading international organisations. The members of the board have been selected for their continued excellence in their sectors and their commitment to future generations of business leaders.


Nick Conway
Director at Deloitte, London

Nick Conway is a London-based Director at the world’s leading professional services company, Deloitte, where he leads the Forensic Technology department, specialising in e-Comms Monitoring and Compliance. A ULaw alumnus, Nick qualified as a barrister in London and worked within the legal and financial services industries in the UK, US and Australia for more than 20 years. Nick is well versed in cutting through complex matters with a logical, common sense approach, deploying cost effective technology-led solutions for major litigation and regulatory investigations.

Rachael Gibbens
Vice-President of Product Sales and Advanced Offerings at Kongsberg, Singapore

Rachael Gibbens, based in Singapore, is Vice-President of Product Sales and Advanced Offerings at Kongsberg. They develop technologies for businesses, partners and nations operating from the depths of the sea to outer space. She is a 2018 'Ivy league' Dartmouth business school alumni and one of only seven individuals representing Rolls-Royce PLC on the TUCK 'Discover and Create the Future' 2030 business leadership programme. She has worked as a lawyer in the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and has vast experience with complex cross-border issues, client relationship management, commercial, legal and sales.

Jane Medcraft
Senior Manager in the Rail Industry, London

Qualified as an engineer, solicitor and chartered governance professional, Jane Medcraft works in the rail industry in London focussing on commercial and customer management and negotiation. During her career so far she has taken lead roles on projects in Mongolia, China and Italy as well as the UK and has significant experience of resolving issues to turn around projects. In 2014 she gained her Executive MBA with distinction from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School and attended the Banco Santander W50 programme for high potential women at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Chris Miller
Lawyer and Project Coordinator at Deutsche Bank, Berlin

Chris Miller is a lawyer and project coordinator at leading multi-national investment bank, Deutsche Bank AG based in Berlin, covering negotiation and digitalisation of contracts, financial derivatives contract data and reviewing and negotiation processes for legal documentation. An alumnus at ULaw, he also holds an MSc Business Management and Project Management as well as a MA Intelligence and Strategic Studies, both from Aberystwyth University. Chris has written on politics, history and security issues for The Guardian, the Atlantic, and Small Wars Journal, and other publications.