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Technological Disruption in the Business World

Syed Muhammad is a senior lecturer at The University of Law Business School. His career running a consultancy business makes his teaching highly relevant and practical. Syed reveals how technological disruption is changing the business world.

By Editorial Team. Published 06 July 2018. Last updated 08 June 2023.

I enjoy our workshop-based teaching style. There’s lots of support for staff here to help us help our students.

The biggest challenge businesses face today is technological disruption. Technology is changing the rules of the game for almost every industry. Look at autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, robotics, and social media, which have made lives more transformational. In addition, new business models (Airbnb, Uber etc.) are emerging, posing threats to the incumbents.

The Financial Times, industry reports, and peer-reviewed journal papers all help me to keep up-to-date with changing business models so that I can go on to teach them. I also read reports from the likes of Deloitte, KMPG and E&Y.

The teaching here is hands-on thanks to the nature of our workshops: they’re experiential and focused on problem-based learning. Workshop activities are designed around real-life issues centred on the industry or sector. Our role is more facilitator than tutor. This gives students an enjoyable learning experience while encouraging them to engage more with their studies throughout the module.

Our workshops prepare students for business with relevant and lively case studies. Our workshop activities are designed and focused around current events and major changes such as the ASDA merger and its implications for the industry, as well as new business models such as those of Airbnb and Uber that I mentioned before. We also welcome many guest speakers from the business world and academia.

Today’s employers want leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Our teaching and learning strategy gives students the chance to develop these skills through practical workshops.

I have run my own consultancy business and taught business and management subjects for the past 17 years. My teaching is more relevant and practical because of my own experience.

It’s impossible to avoid the age of technological transformation. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, the Internet of Things, and social media have transformed our lives and changed the game for every industry.

One of my students currently works in digital marketing for Amazon. He gives talks on digital marketing in many countries.

If you want to broaden your horizons and gain good business acumen, join The University of Law Business School. You will have both an enjoyable learning experience and develop the relevant skills through our student-focused teaching, employability integrated curriculum and technology enhanced learning. You’ll also benefit from our thought leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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