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Should I study law even if I don’t want to be a lawyer?

Studying a conversion course in law builds a range of transferable skills, not only helping towards a successful legal career but to many different roles and industries. You may think that anyone studying law has their sights firmly set on becoming a solicitor or a lawyer, but this isn’t always the case. We spoke with some of our legal alumni who have gone on to have fruitful careers in business, marketing, and HR, and discussed how studying law set them up for a rewarding and versatile career.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 19 October 2022. 

Sonja Polimac – Marketing Director

Sonja Polimac studied the PGDL with us and is now Director of Marketing at AI-powered data company Reflecting on her postgraduate studies and how they helped her get to where she is now, Sonja said her courses “were invaluable in helping me develop analysis, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

“During my time at The University of Law, I mastered how to articulate my arguments through rigorous presentation and public speaking opportunities, helping me level up my career by knowing how to advocate for myself. Most interestingly, an understanding of the law is vital, no matter which industry one ends up in.”


Rachel Wang – Producer and Social Entrepreneur

Rachel Wang studied the LPC with us and then went on to set up her own production company, Chocolate Films.

“I did the CPE (now the PGDL) and LPC after my undergraduate from Bristol University in History of Art and Theology. I found Jurisprudence (the theory or philosophy of law) fascinating... The two years really provided me with the confidence I needed to start up my own business. There was a module on finance and accounting and these principles, which I still use today in my work.

“The attention to detail that was encouraged throughout my time at The University of Law has been incredibly helpful when reviewing scripts and films in my work as a producer. As director of Chocolate Films, my work involves understanding and negotiating contracts and agreements regularly. Doing my postgraduate degree at The University of Law has been the cornerstone to my ability to excel at this.” 


Nicola Hanns – HR Partner

Nicola Hanns studied the PGDL and is now an HR Business Partner for the Civil Service. Reflecting on how her postgraduate studies helped her to flourish in this career she said, “Studying at The University of Law gave me a good grounding of legal knowledge which I have been able to draw on more than I would have expected.

“It also helped me to develop a greater understanding of how to find things out, test assumptions and be a stronger critical thinker. Studying law provided a solid basis for my career and I am a better HR professional for it.”

Studying law provides a well-rounded set of skills that can be applied to any industry or career path. While many take the conventional route into law after studying a conversion, some may decide after their studies or later in life to explore alternate career paths. Strong critical thinking skills, excellent communication, and great attention to detail are just a few of the transferable skills gained from studying law.


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