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Clearing: How it worked for me, from ULaw LLB students

A common question asked by students is what is Clearing like? To help you out, we’ve asked LLB students Amanda Stewart, Dion Jones, Sophie Prescott and Sophie Smith, who came through Clearing, how it worked for them.

By Cara Fielder. Published 2 September 2021. Last updated 21 October 2021.

Why did you go through Clearing?

Amanda: I had chosen a different course to start with, but law had always been what I really wanted to do, so I wanted to change.

Dion: I’d received an offer from ULaw, which I listed as my second choice. I decided after an open day that I wanted to go here instead of my first choice.

Sophie S: I was working as a legal apprentice after my A-levels and was recommended ULaw by the qualifying trainees and solicitors as a better route to gain the qualifications I wanted. I’d missed the application date, so Clearing was my opportunity to gain a place.

What was your Clearing experience like?

Amanda: I called the ULaw Clearing hotline (0808 301 9834) and was invited to attend an open evening a few days later. The open evening really cemented my decision. After chatting with the Centre Director, I sent my results to the University and received my offer within 48 hours.

Dion: My Clearing experience was great. I rang ULaw on results day and my query was handled expertly. Not only was the phone operator very helpful, but I received a verbal offer in less than 15 minutes and the official offer via UCAS a few days later.

Sophie S: My Clearing experience was so quick and easy; it was honestly a lot less stressful than expected. I filled out my UCAS application the night before and rang the hotline in the morning as soon as the lines opened. I had a short chat with one of the University staff members about my grades and why I wanted to enrol. I got a call back within half an hour and was offered a place. Everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful and friendly, which put me at complete ease.

What did you need to do once you accepted a place on your course?

Dion: The information provided by ULaw through email and on the website helped a lot with organising myself. And the Studentpad accommodation portal was really helpful in finding recommended halls.

Sophie S: Throughout the application process the support from the ULaw team meant I didn’t need to stress about all the administration work. It was all handled on the first day with the help of Student Services, along with the other students, which was really nice as it didn’t make you feel left behind.

What are your top tips for students using Clearing this year?

Dion: Don’t panic. Having to go through Clearing may seem like a daunting experience, but remaining calm when making a potentially life-changing decision is paramount.

Sophie P: If you’re thinking of going through Clearing, I’d say just take a look at what’s on offer. You may find something that is better for you personally, and if you don’t, you’ve not lost anything.

Sophie S: Don’t put off going through Clearing if your grades aren’t perfect. The University looks at the individual student and their potential, not just your grades. Be yourself on the phone and make sure you have some key notes ready to answer the questions, but don’t over stress yourself.

What have been the highlights of your first year at ULaw?

Amanda: It has to be achieving a good result in my tort exam – the first step towards my classification.

Dion: There have been so many good moments in my first year, but one that stands out to me is how welcome both the staff and other students made me feel on the first day. Getting positive exam results is probably up there too.

Sophie P: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year at ULaw. The learning environment is amazing and the teaching is impeccable. The tutors are always available to help if and when required. I also enjoyed the Negotiation Society, which has taught me skills that proved useful throughout the course, and I’m sure they will be as I continue with my studies.

Sophie S: As cliché as it sounds, everything. I can honestly say that enrolling at The University of Law was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve made the most amazing friends, learnt so much within 12 months, and had some great opportunities, such as being a student representative and being part of Debate Society.

What are your career ambitions?

Amanda: My career plans are to become a barrister. A ULaw event allowed me the chance to enter a negotiation competition, from which I’ve been lucky enough to shadow a barrister at different types of court as well as attend chambers.

Dion: I aspire to be a solicitor and after a few years of practice, to go into politics. There are plenty of resources and events at ULaw (such as employability days) which have helped me greatly in understanding what I need to do to become a solicitor.

Sophie P: I hope to become a practicing solicitor. The ULaw course regularly refers to how the things we’re learning about are used by lawyers. Also, the University Careers Service is fantastic. There are always drop-in sessions available, or you can easily book an appointment. I’ve personally so far used this service for advice on obtaining work experience but there’s an endless number of things which they will be more than happy to help with.

Sophie S: I want to become a solicitor, so I want to do an LPC qualification after my undergraduate degree. In the long run, I'd love to be part of a commercial real estate team, but ULaw has allowed me to explore all the options out there so that could well change. As well as regular employability sessions, which go through everything from CVs to the interviewing process, the University has helped me with applications and been incredibly understanding and helpful in allowing time off for work experience.


To enquire about Clearing places at ULaw call and speak to one of our friendly Clearing team on 0808 3019834 or find out more by visiting our Clearing page.