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The University of Law top ten podcasts

In previous blogs we’ve recommended you try out our favourite business podcasts and legal podcasts. But we all need a break from studying sometimes to avoid burnout. Whether you’re exercising, doing chores around the house or just trying to get some rest, podcasts can make a great addition to your daily routines. Today we’re looking at our favourite podcasts to relax and unwind to.

By Cara Fielder. Published 29 September 2020. Last updated 21 October 2021.

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

Fiona, our undergraduate marketing manager, recommends interviews with arguably the greatest Doctor Who ever.

“I’m currently loving David Tennant Does a Podcast With… – great guests and a different take on a normal interview,” said Fiona.

David interviews some of the most revered actors from stage and screen, including Ian McKellen, Olivia Coleman and Judi Dench. There’s also plenty of laughs with Tina Fey and Schitts Creek actor and creator Dan Levy.


Two Girls One Ghost

Livi, our senior brand campaigns manager, recommends some spooky fun and perfect listening for the lead up to Halloween.

“I love Two Girls One Ghost. It’s ideal for those of us that are intrigued by the paranormal. This podcast is filled with ghost stories, spooky legends and real-life experiences shared by the hosts and listeners. It’s like being with friends discussing campfire stories, with laughs throughout at the hosts scaring each other.”


Wolverine: The Long Night

For those who prefer listening to an ongoing story, there’s Marvel’s first ever official fiction podcast; Wolverine: The Long Night. Featuring the voices of stars such as Richard Armitage as Wolverine and Scott Adsit as Sheriff Ridge, this podcast really is a Marvel movie for your ears. Special agents sent to investigate a series of strange deaths are on Wolverine’s tail but what is he up to and why?


Teacher’s Pet

True crime podcast Teacher’s Pet from The Australian investigates the unsolved disappearance of Lyn Dawson. Even though she was a daughter, sister, wife, mother and teacher, her disappearance wasn’t given the attention it deserved at the time. Thirty-six years after her disappearance, The Australian's Hedley Thomas begins his own investigation that leads to fresh police involvement and new charges being filed.


Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a brilliant ongoing podcast that teaches you about a wide variety of subjects. Whether you want to learn about Ouija boards, hurricanes, the KGB or dissociative identity disorder, it’s all in this podcast. With such an incredibly diverse back catalogue of episodes, it’s easy to swipe through and find something that interests you.



Criminal features one of the most famous voices in the podcast world thanks to host and co-creator Phoebe Judge. Her sultry tones introduce us to criminals and the people impacted by crime. Unlike most true crime podcasts, this isn’t a shock factor show. Every episode looks into a different type of crime, from stealing Venus Flytraps en masse (Episode 5 Dropping Like Flies) and identity theft (Episode 51 Money Tree) to the legal responsibilities of a book that teaches people to get away with murder (Episode 85 The Manual). Although the show started in 2014, Criminal shows no signs of slowing down or running out of intriguing crimes to keep you listening.


BBC Friday Night Comedy

The BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast features the ongoing shows The News Quiz, The Now Show and Dead Ringers with household names such as Sara Pascoe, Miles Jupp, Jo Brand and Hugh Dennis bringing the laughs. If real news is getting too much for you at the moment, this is the perfect way to stay informed while having fun.


Grounded with Louis Theroux

The master of UK documentaries began to miss interviewing people during lockdown and this podcast was the result. Grounded sees Louis using his laid back style of interviewing on a cluster of celebrity guests, including actress and activist Rose McGowan, singer Boy George and journalist Jon Ronson.


No Such Thing As A Fish

QI television show researchers James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber come together every week (with the occasional guest) to discuss their favourite fact of the week. You’ll learn all sorts of weird and wonderful facts you never knew you needed in your life and have plenty of laughs at the same time.


ULaw podcast

Ok, we admit it, we might be slightly biased with this choice. Still, we think the ULaw Podcast makes for great listening and is packed with useful information for current and prospective students as well as anyone with an interest in law or business. It’s also a great way to catch up with some of the events you may have missed.


Now you’ve got some great podcasts to listen to, now’s time to download the best free apps for students.