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Learn Your Way: Top resources for supporting your mental health while studying online

Online study is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those wanting a more flexible lifestyle. While it has many benefits and provides opportunities to those who may otherwise not have been able to study, studying online comes with its challenges too. To help you get the most out of online study and overcome any challenges you might be facing, we have compiled some top resources for supporting your mental health while studying online.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 28 February 2022.


Have a chat with your personal tutor

If you aren’t sure where to start with seeking out help for your mental health, have a chat with your personal tutor. Your personal tutor is there to provide academic support but also can be a point of contact for if you are struggling emotionally. If the main point of stress is academic, they may be able to advise on some tips for managing your workload. Primarily though, your personal tutor will be able to recommend the wellbeing resources provided at ULaw or direct you to our Student Support services and ensure that you are being heard.

Speak to one of our Welfare Advisors

The University of Law has a designated Wellbeing Support Service, with a team there to support you through your problems, whether that be academic or personal. Our Welfare Advisors can offer one-on-one sessions advising you on the resources available, and what might be most helpful for you.

The Welfare team will deal with your query confidentially and with care. Each campus has its own student welfare team including the online campus. All you need to do is drop them an email to pre-book a telephone or Skype appointment and further discuss your concerns.

Download a wellness app

There are many apps on the market that offer guided meditation and wellness advice, allowing you to access support from the tap of your phone. The University of Law has its own wellbeing app, ULaw Wellbeing, which students can download for free. The app provides advice on wellbeing and mindfulness techniques and provides links to the university’s support services.

ULaw also works with social enterprise Togetherall, a platform devoted to helping people’s wellbeing through providing an online community and safe space to talk. Here, students can anonymously speak to people going through similar situations, helping both themselves and others.

Another option provided through the university is Student Space, an app that provides mental health and revision support. Student Space provides instant online support from volunteers through the form of online chat and through text, as well as providing instant messaging for students to speak to one another and share wellness tips.

Make use of counselling services

Members of ULaw’s Online Campus have free access to a counsellor through the university’s Welfare Service. Counselling can be a powerful way to improve mental health by having an open space to discuss your feelings with a professional.

ULaw also provides LifeWorks’ services to online students. LifeWorks is a platform dedicated to helping and uplifting those with mental health problems by providing immediate access to mental health professionals online. LifeWorks provides iCBT, an online form of cognitive behavioural therapy which helps to target negative thinking patterns and shape a healthier, more positive attitude. The service additionally provides a range of helpful resources and assessments for people to better understand themselves and what type of help may be beneficial.

Try UniBuddy

Another great way to stay feeling connected to others while studying online is by using ULaw’s UniBuddy system. UniBuddy is an online platform for both prospective and current students where you can speak to one of the university’s student ambassadors and share any questions or concerns you may have. This way, you can get advice from the people who best understand student life.


Find out how to contact the Welfare team and learn more about ULaw’s wellbeing and support facilitates.