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Everything you need to know about the ULaw SQE app

The SQE is the new assessment for aspiring solicitors in England and Wales. The first part of the SQE, the SQE1, is made up of two assessments, consisting of 180 multiple-choice questions. To help students prepare for these assessments, we have created the ULaw SQE app. But how does an app help you study? Today we’re telling you everything you need to know about the ULaw SQE app.

By Cara Fielder. Published 30 May 2022. Last updated 20 July 2023.


Who is the SQE app aimed at?

The ULaw SQE app is primarily aimed at students who are completing their SQE1 with us. Once a student is enrolled on the appropriate SQE programme, they will automatically have an account on the SQE app. There is also a version for non ULaw students too. Those who have not enrolled at ULaw will still be provided a subset of questions and materials. However, the real benefit comes for those who are studying at ULaw as it provides a key role within the student learning journey.

What devices can the app be used on?

The ULaw SQE app can be used on both Android and Apple devices. It can also be used on other phones and tablets.

How does the app support learning?

The learning opportunities the SQE app enables are really exciting. It provides a large, high quality question bank that contains detailed question feedback and gives students the ability to self-direct their learning while also have structured tests and recommendations.

One of the top features of the app for our SQE course students is the predictive exam pass analytics. You will be able to track your progress via your course tutor, who can access these insights on a reporting platform.

88.8% of our 1000+ students who sat the SQE1 assessments, classified as ‘Likely’ or ‘Very Likely’ to pass by the ULaw SQE App, actually passed.

* Based on July 2022 and January 2023 SQE1 assessments and self-reported student data.

What improvements have been made to the app since it was launched?

The app is going through continual small iterative developments. Since the launch, the quality and richness of the analytics and learner insights has been improved. It is the power of these insights to the learner that will enable them to take ownership of their learning needs and improve their outcomes.

What are the unique benefits of using the app to study?

In comparison with accessing the learning materials on a laptop or desktop, the benefits of a mobile app are how it enables the student to effectively manage their learning opportunities and increasing the flexibility of their learning. For instance, the opportunity to use free time while shopping or commuting to complete a quiz, or review and select areas for improvement. Therefore, the key benefit for the learner is the learning design is a mobile-first approach.

What are your hopes for the app in the future?

The future developments of the app are exciting. Developments will include providing more detail and insights to the students. Other updates will involve the inclusion of progression information through the course content, more detailed information for the student to better manage their studies, the introduction of predictive analytics, as well as more personalised feedback. The app will really be at the centre of the student’s SQE learning experience.

To ensure you get the most out of the App, we’ve prepared this handy SQE Revision App User Guide.

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