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The following resources are to support the development of students in years 10-13 considering a future in Law, Criminology, Policing, Politics and Business. These have been created for teachers and students to use for free in class and for further development. If you have a specific requirement for your school of college please get in touch with us and we can discuss how to Ulaw can support you.

Virtually here for your students during the Pandemic

In light of the current situation we have moved all our events and workshops online to make sure you don’t miss out and we've had a great response from students and staff. Our Virtual Twilight Lectures alone have seen over 1000 students attend so far! We’ve also developed a range of workshops we can deliver virtually to your college that still have our high-standards and interactive elements.

Downloadable resources

Check out our bank of resources for tutors use in class and students further development.

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ULaw in your classroom

Find out about our range of workshops we are able to deliver in your classroom.

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Professional Development events

Find out about our support for teachers and career advisors.

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Meet the team

If you have any questions or enquiries about how we can support you and your students please contact us and let us know. You can find the best contact details for you below;


Contact: James Busson
Telephone: 01483 959871


Contact: Claire Alderson
Telephone: 01483 405528


Contact: Chloe Warsop
Telephone: 01483 405538


Contact: Chloe Warsop
Telephone: 01483 405538

London Bloomsbury

Contact: Rik Palmer
Telephone: 01483 216690


Contact: Jade Montagna
Telephone: 01483 405548


Contact: Hannah Coe
Telephone: 01483 216356


Join our host Rik Palmer as he discovers more about his guests, their careers, ambitions and any advice they can share.

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Applying to University

If you have questions about applying to University, or don’t know where to start, why not check out our FAQs.

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Student support

When you join us at ULaw we want you to have the best environment to support you, your learning and your experience with us. Check out this information for what support we have on offer for you.

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Business Careers Game

Business Careers Game

Whether you want to be an instagrammer, an accountant, a lawyer or an entrepreneur business is at the heart of some of the most exciting careers, but knowing where to start is hard. Don't worry, The Business School at the University of Law have an exciting game to help you see where your strengths lie and where you'll excel.

Try the business game now and see how you get on. More than 350,000 people just like you have found business is right for them and are currently studying business courses in the UK. That many people can't be wrong.

Win an iPad mini or one of 50 other top prizes.

The prize draw associated with the Business Challenge is now closed. Please see full Terms & Conditions.

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Career guides

For students in years 10 - 13

These handy careers guides include employability tips, examples of different jobs in each sector, and related course information. Find out about the two different types of lawyer, different areas of law, jobs within business such as Human Resources and Marketing, and much more.


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Career in Business ➔

Career in Criminology ➔

Career in Policing ➔