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Is law with business a good degree?

Are you torn between the courtroom and the boardroom? A law with business degree could be a great choice if you’re unsure about what you might like to do in the future. But is law with business a good degree? Read on to discover the benefits of the course and where it could lead.

By Grant Longstaff. Published 20 June 2023.

Law with business is a multipurpose degree

One of the most appealing aspects of a law with business degree is that you’ll cover two disciplines, rather than one. During your studies, you’ll discover and learn about many aspects of both law and business, and you’ll also choose several optional modules throughout your study. For instance, with our LLB (Hons) Law with Business undergraduate degree, you’ll have optional law modules such as Family Law, Human Rights, Legal Technology and Criminal Litigation and Evidence. Our business options include modules on International Business and Global Trade, Digital Marketing Strategies and Consumer Psychology and Behaviour.

However, the real beauty of studying such a degree is the knowledge you’ll develop of where law and business intersect. When it comes to finding work in the future you’ll be uniquely placed to bring your business knowledge to a legal role, or vice versa, which can be a great boost for your employability.

A wide variety of skills 

During a law with business degree, you’ll develop a range of skills and knowledge which many employers will find desirable. You’ll develop a keen analytical eye, critical thinking and hone your communication skills. You’ll also learn contract and business law, understand business rules and regulations, and gain knowledge of marketing and business operation. Having such a breadth of skills will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to looking for employment. Alternatively, if starting your own business is more your thing, then knowing both the business and legal world can provide a surer footing on which to build your empire.

A vast amount of career options

All of our courses have your future employability in mind, and by gaining skills across a broad spectrum you’ll open the doors to more career options. A law with business degree can be a great launch pad for a career as a solicitor or barrister. Alternatively, you could find suitable roles in law firms, finance, charities, local government, or marketing, to name just a few. Take a look at our Career Finder pages and explore more potential career options.

Having both legal knowledge and business skills could be invaluable for working in the field of corporate law. From the day to day operation of a company to handling the closure of an organisation, there are legal responsibilities at every stage of business. This sector of the legal world is huge and there are many opportunities, across a vast number of industries, which could be explored.

Varied work experience opportunities

Another practical advantage of studying law with business is that the course provides an opportunity for you to experience elements of both disciplines. When it comes to work experience and volunteering you can look for opportunities both within the legal sector and beyond. Choosing different vocational areas will broaden your understanding of working environments and allow you to experience a variety of settings. If you open yourself to a range of diverse opportunities your skills will develop to reflect this. Finally, if you choose to study with us you’ll be able to seek advice and guidance from our experts in the Employability Service who can help with everything from CV advice to finding Pro Bono legal work and volunteering opportunities.

Law with business is the perfect degree if you’re not entirely sure about your next steps. However, by providing a solid base on which to build a career, we’re sure you’ll succeed whether it be a legal or business career you ultimately end up pursuing.


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