My Clearing experience: An interview with Melissa

Current BSc International Business Management student Melissa joined us through Clearing to study at our London Bloomsbury campus. We caught up with Melissa to discuss her experience of Clearing and get her advice for students following in her footsteps.  

Applying to university through Clearing was my only option by the time I decided to apply. My research into Clearing was mostly completed online. I researched the process on The University of Law website, attended a couple of virtual open days, updated my CV, and made sure I had certificates for all my qualifications.

I chose to study at The University of Law because it’s a privately owned university, and I could learn from esteemed academic tutors as well as tutors with real world business experience. I chose the Bloomsbury campus specifically due to the easy commute from Cambridgeshire. Also, because it has an extensive library on campus and a mock crime scene and courtroom.

Having been self-employed and running businesses for the last nine years, I’ve delved into international business somewhat. I chose to study the BSc International Business Management because I wanted the academic learning to complement my experience. Also, because I play an active role in sponsoring start-up companies, I felt that my clients would benefit from me having academic knowledge.

I submitted my application in mid-July 2020 and received an offer on 7th August 2020. I found the most effective way to communicate with the University was via telephone as there were a few different conversations through the submission to offer process. The Admissions Team demonstrated empathy for my personal circumstances, which led me to apply.

Prior to applying via Clearing, all I knew is what had been in the mainstream media. I would say, at times, the Clearing process was frustrating and confusing, especially when a gentleman on the phone one day told me that he couldn’t see my name in the application system, but this was swiftly rectified. I think most students wouldn’t have that experience as I was on the non-standard route for admission.

Ultimately, I was awarded a place, so Clearing worked out exactly as I wanted. I am very pleased and proud of being a student at The University of Law. I expect the University to continue to provide the education service delivery I am paying for, and I will continue giving 100% commitment to my education. I intend to remain at The University of Law until I have completed a masters course.

When I applied through Clearing, I knew I wanted to be the best version of myself I possibly could and reach my maximum academic potential. I am known for saying, ‘Failure is not an option; world domination is’. I think that is a pretty bold statement about my long-term career goals.

My advice for students coming through Clearing is to be organised and prepared. Tailor your personal statement to the university you are applying to, just as you would your CV when applying for a job. Do lots of research and attend open days before applying. Most importantly of all, be brave and go for it.

My proudest moment at ULaw is being a finalist in The University of Law Mooting Competition. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to enter, and now I am aiming for a win. I am pleased with my exam results and honoured to be the recipient of the University’s Public Speaking Award.


Learn more about how you can apply to ULaw on our Clearing webpage or call our Clearing hotline on 0808 301 9834