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My Clearing experience: James Walters

Clearing season is upon us but there’s no need to panic. Here at ULaw we have plenty of experience in making sure that students are supported throughout their Clearing experience. James Walters is currently studying the BA in Business Management at our Bloomsbury campus after applying through Clearing. We caught up with him to discuss his experiences of the process.

By Cara Fielder. Published 26 June 2020. Last updated 14 September 2022.

I found the Clearing process straight forward, very quick and well organised – everything was sorted in a week of applying. I applied online through UCAS, using the course code and was given an offer after an exam (English and Maths) and an interview with Ioannis Dermitzakis, Senior Lecturer in Business and Management.  

I was concerned whether I was going to get accepted or not, because I thought there would be no spaces for me as I went in quite late. I’d advise any other students going through Clearing to just be organised. Know what you want to do and put a checklist in place.

I decided on the course I wanted to take by looking online and throughout the website. I was aware I wanted to do business but I had to do a foundation year in the first instance.

I chose The University of Law because it appealed to me. The website really spoke to me, in the way the course was structured and the teaching style – it is a very practical style of teaching. The employment percentage and the bursary were added incentives.

My advice to parents during Clearing would be to make sure you support your children through being organised. Go through the information they aren’t clear on, such as the finance and accommodation. Although all the information was available via the website.

Once I have completed my degree I am keen to work in the City of London, which sits in well with the course as it’s designed for those looking to set up their own business. I have already started up my own promotional music company with a friend, called Charish Promotions. I would definitely say that the Clearing process worked out better for me than I thought it would. It was very quick and efficient.

However, it’s not just prospective students who can feel the pressure of Clearing. During our conversation with James, he mentioned that his father had been incredibly supportive during the process. To gather experiences from both sides of the situation we asked James’ father, Dave Walters, how he felt about Clearing and how parents can help.

I was extremely encouraged and impressed how James made a key decision for his future, found a potential course through The University of Law, researched the Clearing process and applied, all in a very short time. It was a pretty stressful 3-4 weeks but working together made it a lot easier. I was impressed that this Clearing process got a positive result…which shows it’s a pretty efficient process.

I helped James produce a financial plan which would allow good control on his finances throughout the academic year. We also used a live financial tracking tool which really helped James. I supported him in terms of completing documentation and producing electronic copies and communication as required for the Clearing process. I helped him to practise interview techniques for The University of Law Business Management course interview and helped find suitable accommodation.

My advice to any other parents during Clearing is to work together. Be supportive, motivating and encouraging. Listen to your child’s concerns and prepare an action plan and a financial plan. Engage in understanding the process, help prepare the application and practise interview techniques.


Clearing will begin in July and will be open until September. You can call us now on 0808 3019834..