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Why study an MA in Higher Education Leadership?

Working in the Higher Education sector is a hugely rewarding career, allowing you to help others shape the lives and careers they aspire to. Studying an MA in Higher Education or Higher Education Management is a lesser-known route into the sector but gives graduates a competitive edge when entering the workforce. Here are some of the top skills and career paths made possible by studying a postgraduate course in education management and leadership.


By Elena Carruthers. Published 22 September 2023.

Develop leadership skills

Leadership is a skill that is essential in any profession. Strong leadership maintains robust teams who are passionate in what they do and continue to progress professionally. Therefore, somebody who is able to demonstrate leadership qualities has a highly valuable transferable skill. Leadership skills are particularly valued in the education sector which relies on those who are not afraid to speak out and make change, as well as use their people skills to inspire those around them.

Some may opt to pursue a Master’s in Higher Education Leadership to enrich their understanding of the education sector and carry this into a career in teaching.  The leadership element will provide graduates with confidence and a solid understanding of how to manage a class and get the most out of students. However, this course can also lead to a successful career in various leadership and administrative roles within Higher Education with its range of transferable skills.

Studying a Master’s in Higher Education and Leadership instils this leadership quality through Management projects, presentations, and learning from tutors with real-world experience. Our Master’s in HE, Administration, Management, and Leadership combines written and oral assessments so that students can build on their confidence and communication skills within the context of leadership.

Build your network

One of the best and most enjoyable ways to grow professionally is to learn from others. Growing a professional network can not only enrich your industry knowledge and help you to upskill, but also form connections that might provide job opportunities in the future. It can be difficult knowing where to start with networking when studying or just starting out in your chosen career but starting early is key.

Studying a Master’s in this field will allow you to meet like-minded peers, connect with faculty members and also guest speakers at our range of events. Upon graduating, you may also benefit from joining our Alumni Network where you can further build on your budding professional connections as well as share your insights with others.

Make an impact

Having a fulfilling job goes beyond just salary and career progression. Many people who decide to work in Higher Education are passionate about making positive changes both for individuals and the sector more widely. Seeing the tangible growth and development of both the students and the educational institutions as a result of your work means that many people in these types of roles have high levels of job satisfaction. There are many different roles where such an impact can be made, for example, administrative roles provide support to educational institutions ensuring that processes run smoothly while management positions focus more on the people side. Senior academic and leadership positions allow people to make influential decisions surrounding how a course is run and evaluate the curriculum in line with student’s needs. As a business professional within a university or other HE institution, you can shape the educational experiences of students, improve educational outcomes, promote diversity and inclusion, help to develop innovative courses, create supportive campus environments, and so much more – your skills and voice are an invaluable resource in shaping the future of education.


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