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Top 5 reasons to study in Bristol

Bristol is a city vibrant in nature with a multitude of music, culture, and new activities to indulge in. To celebrate The University of Law’s Bristol campus, we have compiled the top five reasons to study in this eclectic city.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 21 April 2022. Last updated 11 January 2023.


Bristol is located in the West of England, only a short distance from both London and Wales. London and Cardiff can both be reached by public transport within an hour. Bristol’s proximity to Wales provides the opportunity to explore its capital city as well as its beautiful countryside.

Bristol is also a short distance from the county of Somerset, a popular tourist destination due to its scenic meadows, array of beaches and ancient sites to explore. Somerset is also home to the ancient city of Bath, getting its name from the Roman-build baths built around 70AD making them over 2000 years old. 


An eco-friendly haven

The city is known for its open and progressive atmosphere, and the approach to sustainability is no exception. Bristol was ranked the most sustainable city in the UK in 2021. This is in part due to its vast number of charity shops, helping its residents to shop more sustainably and dramatically reducing the detrimental effects of fast fashion often prevalent in large cities. Bristol’s high sustainability scoring also relates to the number of people using LED lighting, electric cars, and generally implementing sustainable habits such as recycling and composting.


Fabulous food

Adding to the list of eco-friendly perks, Bristol also has no shortage of plant-based food at its famous food markets and vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Bristol’s rich mix of cultures resonates in its diverse offering of food and independent restaurants, and there are certainly ample options for vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike.

Some of Bristol’s top-rated restaurants include Sri Lankan street food restaurant The Coconut Tree which boasts all types of flavours from sweet to spicey in both their food and unique cocktails, and family-run Fi Real with its impressive range of Caribbean-style vegan and veggie food.

Alternatively, head down to Bristol’s oldest food market, Nicholson Market, for a meal on-the-go and take your pick from more than 60 stalls.


Thriving music scene

You won’t be short of somewhere to have a boogie in Bristol. The city is famous for its music scene, being home to world-renowned clubs and iconic live music venues such as the O2 Academy. Some upcoming shows at the O2 include Scottish rock band Twin Atlantic’s 10th Anniversary Tour, The Libertines: Giddy Up A Ding-Dong Tour, and various festivals and tribute nights. The venue is known for hosting both famous and up-and-coming artists, dedicated to innovating the music scene and providing unique experiences to its attendees.

The beauty of Bristol’s music scene is that there is something for everyone. Jazz fans can enjoy The Old Duke which is the heart of Bristol’s jazz and blues scene while indie rockers and gig-goers can head down to live music venue The Fleece. Those in want of a more classic night out can take their pick from Bristol’s iconic clubs including world-famous Motion which was voted number 14 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs.


The great outdoors

Bristol has a buzzing city life but no shortage of natural outdoor space. Located close to the coastal towns of Portishead and Western-super-Mare, you can take a walk along the seaside and explore the scenic local areas.

In nearby Somerset is the striking National Trust Site Cheddar Gorge. The gorge is an impressive sight with 40-foot-high cliffs, formed in the ice age. The gorge has a fascinating natural history and is home to The Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest fully formed skeleton which was buried more than 9,000 years ago. The Cheddar Man can be seen at the local Cheddar Museum alongside other unique artefacts and exhibitions showcasing life in the Stone Ages.

The great outdoors is also on your doorstep in Bristol with Brandon Hill Park and Royate Hill Nature Reserve both being local to the city.


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