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Our Clearing Experience

Clearing is an excellent resource to help you get onto the course of your dreams, but it can seem like it’s an overwhelming experience. With this in mind, we spoke to a few current students about their experience with Clearing, why they chose to study with us and what they would want to tell anyone thinking about going through the Clearing process.

By Elsa Tatam. Published 04 August 2023. Last updated 14 August 2023.

Sophie Sharma

Course: LLB Law

“I’m currently studying my BPC at The University of Law, but I originally came through Clearing to study the undergraduate LLB. I chose to come here because of the specialist Barristers and Solicitors that teach you, and I’m really happy that I came.

I found the Clearing process really easy, I rang up on the day I got my results and within roughly two hours I got my acceptance.

My advice for anyone coming through Clearing, would be to just be yourself and relax as everyone here is really friendly.”


Johnson Ochai

Course: BSc Data Processing and Intellectual Property

Campus: Leeds

“I chose to come through Clearing because the University presented a very seamless process, and I can only be thankful for that opportunity. They always ensure that students are exposed to the practical aspects of the law. It is also a home for all, regardless of your background, race, or gender. I also knew that having The University of Law on your CV opens doors, as employers in the UK have a tremendous amount of respect for the University.

“I would say to students who are looking to go through Clearing, don't be perturbed by the numerous guidelines listed out, the University will hold your hands throughout the entire process.

“The University made the Clearing process easier than I imagined it would be because they regularly kept in touch to ensure that I was on the right track. My Student Journey Advisor was also a constant help throughout the process.”


Irza Tahir

Course: LLB Law

Course: London Bloomsbury

“While I did get offers from universities like Kings College and University College London, it was not for the courses I really wanted to do. I chose The University of Law because I wanted to study law, they have practising lawyers as tutors, and they have a high percentage of students (92%) finding jobs after they graduate. Moreover, the Employability service is brilliant and the studying process at the University is suited to the way I learn.

“I would tell other students who are considering Clearing to choose your Clearing university options ahead of time. Even if you don't think you'll need to go into Clearing, still prepare. It never hurts to have a backup plan and it will save you time on the day.”


Angel Jackson

Course: LLB Law

Campus: Manchester campus

“I came through Clearing as I wanted to do a part-time law degree but changed my mind last minute and thought it was too late to change before I called up The University of Law. I found the Clearing process really simple and very quick; I spoke to someone on the phone who talked me through the process after I explained what I wanted and the grades I had.

“The advice I would give to other students considering Clearing is not to worry about what people will think. I think Clearing has a stigma behind it, but for me, it gave me the chance to complete the same degree as other people in a shorter amount of time than I was planning.”


Amelia Cooper

Course: LLB Law

Campus: Leeds

I decided to come through Clearing as didn’t meet the grade requirements for my original choices from UCAS. Originally, I had wanted to live closer to home but on Results Day, I decided that I actually wanted to move further away from home and Clearing was a great option to do this.

“I opted to study at The University of Law as the teaching on offer looked and sounded amazing. The first-hand knowledge that the teachers have due to being practising or ex-practising lawyers seemed so useful and practical. I really enjoy the practical learning aspect of what the University offers. Although it does not follow the traditional university model, it is well suited to budding lawyers as it gives us the chance to learn in a class setting with lectures and seminars, but has an interactive aspect allowing us to grow our confidence with our peers and teachers.

“I found the Clearing process stressful at the beginning, but this was due to the unknown and not getting the results I expected. Once getting in contact with The University of Law, it was so easy and they were so reassuring.”


Krish Kapoor

Course: Accelerated LLB Law

Campus: London Bloomsbury

“I hadn’t gotten the grades I was expecting but I had heard that Clearing can give you a second chance. For me, the Clearing process was simplistic and easy. There were no issues, there were many options available for a variety of different grade levels. The Clearing Guru I spoke with talked at a steady pace that I could easily understand while I was in a state of shock and excitement, which was so helpful in ensuring I didn’t miss out on any key information.

“Thankfully due to Clearing, I was able to experience the wide range of tutors at the University, giving me the chance to explore what I want to do after 3 or 4 years. I am grateful I picked the university I did as the seminar classes are small, meaning that my tutor can come to me and explain if I don’t understand, which is a key advantage that many universities do not offer. Finally, the location of my campus in the heart of central London offers amazing crowds, wonderful weather and different food.”


Clearing is open now, and closes for us on 21 September 2023. If you want to know more about how you can apply, check out our dedicated Clearing webpage or call our Clearing hotline on 0808 3019834.