Learn Your Way: Top 10 playlists for concentration and productivity

Working in the digital age has prompted much conversation around music and productivity. Every media outlet has shared their top playlists for making work go well. We’ve found the best for focus, fun and inspiration, so you don’t have to.

No. 1 The Science Choice: Classic FM’s Ultimate Classical Studying Playlist’

Listen here: Ultimate Classical Studying Playlist

Researchers found that students who regularly listened to Mozart performed significantly better in exams. This is commonly described as ‘The Mozart Effect’ and is why you will find ‘Classical Music for concentration playlists’ in your Spotify and iTunes suggestions. Furthermore, academics across disciplines are enthused about the increased ‘abstract reasoning’ abilities demonstrated by fans of masters such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Productivity expert, Holland Hais, unpacks this by explaining that music without lyrics, including film-scores, is far less distracting.


No. 2 The Professionals’ Choice: Morning Coffee on Spotify

Listen here: Morning Coffee

Progressive recruitment website, The Muse, cites Morning Coffee among its top playlists for sailing through the working day. This jewel of a playlist, features a healthy combination of Indy, Electronica and Soul/World fusions to provide an upbeat and cool soundtrack for easing into your daily grind.


No. 3 The Maximum Motivation choice: Motivational Songs 2021 – A Playlist against tough-times…

Listen here: Motivational Songs 2021 - a playlist against tough times.

While lyrics can be distracting, they can also tell us stories about achieving against the odds – something we often need while working/studying/revising. Travel website, have put together a big, loud list of iconic ballads to ignite your inner champion and reduce stress. It features empowerment classics such as Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ as well as glass-half-full melodies like ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2.


No. 4: Sounds from Nature – ‘Burt’s Bees Nature Break Playlist’

Listen here: Nature Break

Ethical brand Burt’s Bees, have created a playlist to bring nature into people’s lives during lockdowns. Among tracks listed are ambient favourites such as ‘Calming Forest Sounds’ and more unique offerings such as ‘Happy Seagulls at Low Tide,’ ‘Night Frogs’ and Singing Birds in Swedish Forest.’


No. 5: The Techno/Trance/Beats option -  lofi hip hop radio, ‘beats to relax/study to.

Listen here: Beats to Relax and Study To

A favourite of student communities, ‘lofi girl’ provides an ongoing loop of chilled beats to help you calmly process information. This playlist has approx’ 50,000 listeners on Youtube at any given time – perhaps an indication of its effectiveness. Be warned though – it is very relaxing and may have you tempted to stroke a pet not unlike the animated cat in lofi girl’s animated videos.


No. 6: The Creative Brainstorming choice – Painting with Music

Listen here. Painting with Music

Recommended by Domestika – an online community for Creative People, this personal Spotify playlist is intended to get creative juices flowing and is the epitome of popular-cool. It features artists such as Sam Smith and The Cinematic Orchestra.


No. 7: The Zen/Trance option: Deep Trance Zen Mediation Music by Primitive Relaxing Music.

Listen here: Deep Trance Zen Meditation Music

Over on Soundcloud, Primitive Relaxing Music has created a study playlist with a distinctly Zen feel. Combining low acoustic tribal beats and nature sounds, this is the ideal playlist for entering the study zone and escaping life’s noise.


No. 8 The Student Favourite: Brain Food.

Listen here: Brain Food

At the top of the study playlist charts on Spotify, is Brain Food – a mix of liminal trance tracks including titles such as ‘LSDream’ and ‘Ace of Cups.’ Some of the music and vocal mixes will transport you into the 1970s world of Progressive Rock, only with extra electronic vibes.


No. 9 The Hip-Hop option – Work from Home Hip-Hop by Digster FM

Listen here: Work from Home Hip-Hop

Digster FM has made a gift of a Hip-Hop collection to keep you chilled and focussed while working. Highlights include Money Trees by Lamar, Fight the Power by Public Enemy and if you enjoy the weird and wonderful – Blue Flowers by Dr Octagon.


No. 10 Represent ULaw: ULaw’s Revision Mood Playlist on Spotify

Listen here: Revision Mood

The University of Law’s Revision Mood Playlist on Spotify is as motivational and feel-good as it gets. We are a little bit biased but what more do you need to rock out excellent consolidation notes than I Fought the Law by the Clash, Hakuna Matata from Disney’s The Lion King, Don’t Stop by Queen and Calvin Harris’ Ready for the Weekend.


Whatever your preference, adding a soundtrack to your working day is proven to stimulate more positive chemical reactions in your brain and improve your ability to process information calmly, clearly and with an injection of fun.


Follow this link to listen to ULaw’s very own revision playlists: Revision Mood