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Careers and Employability

Welcome to StEP, our specialist online legal careers programme.  Select the Steps below to get started.  Steps 1,2 and 3 are readily available, but you will need to login/register to access 4-10

What is StEP?

StEP is a comprehensive online legal careers programme containing a range of resources from written advice and online workshops to practical activities and useful weblinks. The programme consists of 10 Steps:

  • Step 1: Understanding the legal market
    An overview of the legal profession, looking at the different areas of practice,
    what solicitors and barristers do and what type of lawyer you want to be.
  • Step 2: Assessing your employability
    What does it take to be a lawyer? What are recruiters looking for, and
    have you got the experience and skills they want?
  • Step 3: Planning your legal career
    With long recruitment cycles and significant competition for graduate roles,
    planning is essential to career success.
  • Step 4: Researching legal recruiters
    A look at why research is so fundamental at all stages of the recruitment process and
    how research can help you find vacancies and opportunities within the legal market.
  • Step 5: Gaining experience and making contact
    Legal work, a broad base of experience and the ability to network are all important
    for those pursuing a career in the legal profession. Step 5 helps you identify
    opportunities and make the most of them.
  • Step 6: Writing legal CVs and covering letters
    Despite the widespread use of application forms, the CV is still a vital tool in the
    recruitment process. Step 6 guides you through the process of constructing a
    legal CV and writing a successful covering letter.
  • Step 7: Completing application forms
    Step 7 looks at completing application forms in legal recruitment: from the different
    questions asked to how you draw on personal experience to provide evidence for
    your answers.
  • Step 8: Preparing for interviews
    Step 8 looks at how you can prepare for interviews to maximise your chances of
    success, looking at the different question you may be asked and the different
    styles of questioning used.
  • Step 9: Preparing for assessments
    From letter writing to advocacy exercises, assessments are common in legal
    recruitment. In Step 9 we look at what could you be asked to do, and how you
    should prepare?
  • Step 10: Managing your career
    Whether you’ve secured a training contract or pupillage, or whether you’re still
    looking for your first legal role, Step 10 looks at the options available and
    the steps you can take to achieve your ambitions.