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What can you do with a Human Resources master's degree?

People are a universal part of any organisation, and success relies in no small part on the management of the workforce. This is where HR professionals come in. Whether you’re already working within HR or looking to change careers, a master’s degree in human resources can be a great undertaking for graduates. Not only will you enhance your existing skillset, you’ll also gain new knowledge and proficiencies which will open doors to many career opportunities. Below, we delve into some of the skills you’ll acquire throughout a human resources master’s and where the course could take your career.

By Grant Longstaff. Published 24 January 2024.

HR Management

One of the most apparent reasons individuals undertake a master’s degree in human resources is to boost their career and move into a management position. During the course you will develop an enhanced understanding of the HR principles necessary for the effective running of a business. Through your deep knowledge of management and advanced communication skills, you can help shape the culture of a workforce and make a positive impact on not only the people but the business itself.


However, management isn’t for everyone. You might feel your skills are better suited to networking and communication. If so, a career in talent acquisition might be the perfect fit. Ensuring efficient hiring processes and fostering organizational growth, your exceptional people skills can be instrumental in managing vacancies, conducting interviews, and promoting team synergy. By strategically sourcing and recruiting new members, you can contribute to the company's success and create a positive work environment. In this role you’ll not only save a business time and money, but also play a crucial part in building a thriving organisation.

Employment law

If you have an interest in law and the many legal aspects which come with maintaining a workforce, then specialising in employment law might be the path for you. Employment law is a constantly evolving area, and a candidate with specialist skills in this field is sure to stand out from the crowd when it comes to finding work. Our MSc in Human Resources with Employment Law combines the fundamental skills of human resource management with essential legal knowledge, and offers modules covering areas such as Employment Law, and Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Training and development

Staff development forms a large part of human resource management and could be a stimulating career option if you’re passionate about education and personal growth. You’ll need to design, deliver, review, and update learning programs as necessary, and train new starters and develop existing staff members through continuous professional development. If you can see yourself in this role ensure the master’s you choose has modules which will develop the skills necessary. For example, our MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management offers the following modules: Leading and Developing People, Professional Development, and Coaching, Mentoring & Development.

Why study a human resources master’s degree at The University of Law?

Because HR is so prevalent in our employment landscape it’s impossible to cover off every place a master’s in human resources could lead. In a time when businesses are increasingly operating on a global scale, skills within international HR management are becoming more important. There are also opportunities in consultancy services, business development and expansion, recruitment agencies, and more. You could even use the qualification to help develop a personal business venture.

Consider what it is you want to do and take the time to research exactly what the course provider is offering to make sure it’s the best choice for you and your career. For example, we offer online course options, full and part time learning, and a Professional Development module with a focus on your future employability. Also, our business master’s courses are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) so, if you choose to study with us, you can apply for a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership alongside your master’s degree.

No matter where you want your career in HR to go, a master's in human resources can expand your skills, open doors, and lead to a successful career.


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