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Learn Your Way: An interview with Melissa Bolam – CourseSwitch

Selecting a course to study at university is an important decision, but this does not mean it has to be a final one. This is why we provide students with the option to switch their course if their needs, interests, or ambitions change. Here, Melissa describes her journey with us and her experience switching courses.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 24 July 2023. Last updated 14 August 2023.

I chose to study in London because the commute is straightforward and swift compared to other universities. Bloomsbury was my nearest campus and taught the course I wanted to take, making it an obvious choice for me. It is also walkable from King Cross train station, making my commute straightforward.

During my commute, I normally listen to music and go over my notes from my corresponding lecture, while eating breakfast, followed by life admin. The best part about commuting is it affords me the time to mentally prepare for the day ahead and wind my mind down on the way home.

The streets immediately surrounding campus are peaceful but a short walk to Tottenham Court Road, which means you have easy access to all London has to offer. Independent Store Street traders give excellent student discounts and I love independent businesses. Whether I need a bite to eat, to buy a novel, or have a bit of pampering, Store Street has something for everyone.

I originally chose to study International Business Management because I wanted to gain a degree with relevance to my career experience and aspirations of world domination. Having my own business and previously working overseas twice, I am used to the international elements of business. The International Business Management course gave me the degree to match my experience and ambitions.

During the second semester of my foundation year, I started to find law-based modules more interesting. Having spent my career in business roles, I had always been passionate about business, yet I didn’t want to lose the opportunity The University of Law had given me to study with them. I recalled when I was a teenager, my dad saying to me: ‘Melissa, find something you love and find a way to get paid for it’, so I weighed up all my options and decided to opt for a new course.

The law chose me, and I fell in love with the law. I was enjoying and getting more out of the law modules in my first year than I was from the business modules. A law degree has a global gravitas and I realised I could still achieve my ambitions and goals with a law degree.

I did thorough research prior to applying to The University of Law and the CourseSwitch option was one of my main pros about the university. None of the alternative universities I looked at offered this, it wasn’t a dealbreaker, but the flexibility is definitely a positive alongside the ability to switch course.

All it takes is one thing to happen in life and your perspective and circumstances can change. The University of Law offers flexibility through its CourseSwitch and CampuSwitch initiatives, which cover situations that life throws at you. Life doesn’t always go to plan, and we must learn to adapt to new situations to remain professionally competitive. Flexibility in study can help you to adjust to change and prepare you for the working world. I also think it helps to train your mind to seek solutions when challenges arise.

When considering what course to study and what path to take in life, research all your options and do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, alongside pros and cons. If you are fortunate enough to have people who support your ambitions, discuss your findings with them. Listen to any new ideas they have. If you are already studying with The University of Law, tap into their brilliant support teams to share your thoughts. All this will help you make the best-informed decision for you.


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