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We Support Your Ambition: Tabitha Lee

Current student Tabitha Lee joined ULaw in 2017 to study the LLB at our Guildford campus. We chatted with her to discuss the areas of law she’s most passionate about and how we’re supporting her ambition to become a property solicitor.

By Cara Fielder. Published 16 October 2020. Last updated 19 August 2022.

I chose to study at The University of Law in Guildford after I fell in love with the beautiful campus. The board room is so historical, which you don’t get at many universities. Also, the teachers were so friendly and approachable it really felt like they had a good relationship with the students with a more personal touch which I really wanted from university. I really liked the fact that the class sizes are smaller because I prefer learning in smaller groups.

When I hear the word ambition, I think of an end goal, an aspiration to achieve something that you have wished for since you were a child.

My ambition is to become a property solicitor, working in a regional firm and heading my own department of solicitors. I want to be at the centre of the firm and have the ability to provide assistance at all levels. As well as that, I want to do an extensive amount of charity work and raise money for good causes.

I really enjoy property law because it’s a step-by-step process. It also suits my working style as I have a good memory. I can memorise the law, then apply it to the facts easily. I’ve also always been interested in properties. Before university I was considering becoming an estate agent, as I was unsure if I would get the grades I needed to study law.

I always knew I wanted to be a solicitor. ULaw has enabled me to pursue this ambition by providing additional support, such as the amazing Careers Service. They helped me to create a CV and complete training contract applications, which has boosted my drive for the legal profession.

Before I came to ULaw I was quite shy, I hated public speaking. Since coming to ULaw I have gained the confidence to give campus tours and hold my own talks at open days. I have worked to improve my communication skills by talking to as many new people as possible and I love being able to talk about my experience with prospective and new students. As the vice president for the Guildford campus, I like being the centre of contact for all year groups. I enjoy offering advice about the campus and the Student Association.

I applied for the vice president (VP) position through the Student Association, I had to create a portfolio of why I wanted to be VP, and I was elected by the staff and students at Guildford. It’s such a simple and easy process.

I’ve done a lot of extra-curricular activities while at ULaw and I would like to continue these during the LPC. I have volunteered with Victim Support, the Triage Clinic, the International Law Book Facility and Crown Court marshalling. I also won the EAR Employability Record Award in my final year. I wish to continue my stint as the vice-president for the Guildford Campus too.

As a member of the International Law Book Facility, I organised a cake sale and this helped me discover my love for charity work. I joined them as it is one of the first pro-bono opportunities you can do in your first year. We raised money so we could send old law books to African countries. I loved this opportunity and I’m so glad I got involved.

I’d advise all new students to come here with an open mind. Make friends and get involved in every opportunity from day one. There are so many things to get involved in, from mooting to attending court and employer held workshops. Make the most of your teachers, they are you biggest ally; use their skills and knowledge to enhance your own. Never be afraid to ask questions, there’s never a silly question and most of the time everyone else in the class is thinking the same thing.

If I could give advice to my younger self, I say never let one failure bring you down. Keep working hard and you will achieve whatever you desire.


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