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Learn Your Way: Top tips for feeling festive

If you’re in need of some inspiration for things to do over the holiday period, we’ve got you covered. As the festive season approaches, we take a look at some of our Online Campus staff’s top festive activities.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 19 December 2022. Last updated 31 March 2023.

What is your favourite thing about winter?

While winter has many downfalls, most notably the cold and dark weather, there are many things for us to enjoy. Our Head of Psychology, Julie Prescott said: “I love wrapping up warm in my gloves and hat and the nights getting dark early.”

“Frosty mornings which are a great start to the day and then spending hours in the coffee shop enjoying winter-inspired coffees” added Navdeep Chouhan, Online Programme Director.

What is your favourite festive snack or thing to cook?

Arguably, many people’s favourite part about the festive season is indulging in delicious food. The holiday period is the perfect excuse to eat well and enjoy all the snacks your stomach desires before the inevitable attempts to combat this with new year’s resolutions. Gemma Tatterall, Programme and Student Lead, commented that her favourite festive snack is “Sticky toffee pudding and bread and butter pudding - both with custard of course.”

Navdeep answered: “Without fail, it has to be the Christmas dinner. You can’t beat a turkey with all the trimmings. For Boxing day, enjoying all the leftovers and making the signature post-Christmas sandwich.”

What are some of your favourite festive activities?

The festive period is a time to indulge in traditions, and everyone has their own. Online Tutor, Gareth Orriss, said: “I really enjoy a carol service with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.  All about the Christmas feels.  Otherwise, I really like Christmas Eve, the anticipation, food prep, and spending fun times with friends and family.”

Julie told us her guilty pleasure, one that many people will secretly relate to: “Some people hate them, but I love dancing and singing to Christmas songs.”

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

There is never a wrong time to make positive changes in one’s life, but the new year is the perfect time to get started. New Year’s resolutions provide a sense of community with everyone else trying to achieve their goals whether it’s exercising more, less screen time, or picking up a new hobby.

Navdeep answered with brutal honesty in answer to the question of New Year’s resolutions: “Yes. Usually, to join a gym and lose weight which tends to fail by mid-January.”

Gareth responded: “Often, dry January is really good both to reset and also as a fundraiser. Otherwise, my resolutions are mainly fitness-related, focusing on good habits.”

Any final top tips for unwinding over the festive period?

To close off, professionals from our Online campus offered some of their favourite methods of unwinding during the festive season.

“Take Microsoft Teams off your phone and don’t check emails - enjoy the cosy nights in and wrap up warm.” – Julie.

“Turn off your emails and give yourself festive lazy days.” -  Gemma.

“As much as I love my job, turning the laptop off for a few days and spending time with the kids and family really helps with unwinding. This coupled with long walks and visiting loved ones always helps.” – Navdeep.

“Focus on being present, cherish moments with family and friends and allow yourself time to unwind.” – Gareth.


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Wishing you all a merry festive season, from everyone at The University of Law.