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We Support Your Ambition: Nikolas Morales

Here at The University of Law, we pride ourselves on offering our students the opportunity to get those extra experiences and skills that help them stand out when they progress into the workplace. Whether it’s through our Employability Service’s one-to-one sessions or by taking part in pro bono clinics, all our students have the chance to give their skills an extra boost outside the classroom.

By Editorial Team. Published 01 April 2019. Last updated 11 January 2023.

Nikolas Morales joined ULaw at our Bloomsbury campus in 2016 and graduated from the LPC LLM in 2018 with dreams of becoming a solicitor. We caught up with Nikolas to see how ULaw helped him on the path to achieve his ambition.

I set myself a list of criteria which I used whilst undertaking research of universities that offered the LPC. From this list, the most significant were the employability and support services that a university had on offer. The University of Law came top of my list of prospective universities as it fulfilled these criterions. Further, The University of Law also has a golden award for its teaching standard*.

My main career ambition is to become a solicitor. Before attaining the role of a solicitor, I am inclined to work as a paralegal. I believe that working as a paralegal will help me to decide what area of law I should follow.

I undertook legal work experience whilst studying. This included: A one week work experience with Philip Ross Solicitors, where amongst other things I dealt with legal charges and mortgages; a two week vacation scheme at MacMillan Williams Solicitors; and a year of pro bono activities organised by The University of Law’s Legal Advice Centre.

ULaw gives you the support and opportunities you need to make the best start in your legal career. One of the services that I have used and has helped me is from the learning support coordinator Sarah Hall. She has taught me how to manage under extreme pressure and has shown me how to manage my time in the most efficient way.

I have used the Employability Service a number of times. This is one of the services that I would strongly recommend everyone to use. Personally, I used this service whilst preparing my CV and various cover letters. It is due to the Employability Service that I was able to get the work experience that I mentioned earlier.

The University of Law has a wide spectrum of students with different cultural backgrounds. By visiting various events organised by the University and communicating with other students I managed to learn about other cultures as well as share my own. I managed to meet new people with whom I still keep in touch. Most of these connections were made in class during the group tasks we did in each workshop.

Through ULaw’s Legal Advice Centre pro bono scheme I gained various skills such as interviewing and negotiating. I will use this set of skills in my career when dealing with a firm’s clients. Apart from the professional skills, I have also developed personal skills such as communication, networking and public speaking. The Introduction to Professional Practice was the main module that taught and improved these skills.

My advice to new students is to attend the first day of their course, the induction day. During this day you will hear about the majority of services and perks that the University has on offer. Moreover, I would recommend that new students get involved with the Employability Service as soon as possible. The students should liaise with them throughout their studies.

Additionally, students with little or no legal work experience, like it was for myself, should take advantage of the mentoring scheme. I would also advise new students to keep up-to-date with their email as they will receive significant information through there.

Generally, I would recommend new students to be proactive and to take the most from their stay at ULaw. Be positive and I assure you that the University will not let you down, you just have to be involved.

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*The University of Law achieved a gold TEF award in June 2017. This award expired in June 2019 and was replaced with TEF Silver.