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Stay set for success: Why you should join us in September

Living through uncertain times can make big decisions feel overwhelming. Some might consider postponing their education and career ambitions until life feels a bit more stable. However, this means you’re putting your entire future on hold and missing out on the opportunities 2021 presents. Today we’re looking at all the reasons that September 2021 is the perfect time to study at The University of Law.

By Cara Fielder. Published 3 August 2021. Last updated 27 September 2022.

Stay ahead of the crowd

If you’ve considered taking a break, others will be thinking the same. However, if you continue to work towards your career ambitions, you’ll be one step ahead of those who take a break.

ULaw Employability Director said: “There still remains a traditional recruitment cycle which fits an Autumn start for new employees on a graduate programme or equivalent. The model may well flex and change, but with most students starting courses in September, the likelihood is that the greatest volume of subsequent vacancies will be aimed at those able to commence a job at that time of year. If you roll this forward, then newly qualified opportunities might also favour September starters over those who delay until January.”

Stay on point

President Theodore Roosevelt said: “Nothing worth having comes easy.” And he’s not wrong. The LPC is a challenging course that requires dedication. Taking time out will mean your adjustment period returning to study could be more difficult. Make the most of all the hard work you’ve put in so far instead of allowing time to erode it.

Last chance to study the GDL and MA Law

If you want to study the GDL or MA Law, the last opportunity is in September, after which they will no longer be available. For those considering these pathways, you need to be accepted on a course by August 31st.

Widest range of courses, locations and modes available in September

Starting your course in September gives you the greatest choice of courses, locations and study methods, allowing you to start the course that’s perfect for you.

Travel Restrictions

Most people take gap years to travel or get some real-life work experience under their belt. These are both admirable and important experiences to gain skills and broaden horizons. However, opportunities are limited. Travel is still limited in many countries and changing restrictions can make the travel that’s possible unpredictable. If travel was your main hope for a gap year, it might well be worth continuing to study until international movement becomes less problematic.

John Watkins added: “From an employability perspective, employers generally seek strong academics, work experience and a range of skills. There is much to be said for a year spent travelling or working before embarking on studies – to strengthen the latter two elements. However, with travel restricted and uncertain, work opportunities less plentiful and secure, there is much to be said for focussing on academic advancement. Of course, The University of Law provides opportunities through pro bono and clubs and societies to develop the experience and skills, so that all elements can be enhanced.”

Our Study Guarantee offers flexibility

ULaw’s Study Guarantee ensures you can carry out your studies in confidence. We guarantee that you can continue your studies with us whatever happens in the future with the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether face-to-face at one of our campuses, online or streamed, our commitment to your education means our teaching won’t stop if new restrictions come into place.

Summer vacation

After all your hard work, you’ll deserve some rest and relaxation. That’s why you’ll have a lovely long summer vacation to chill out, catch up with your friends and enjoy the sun (sun is subject to availability). Or you can use this break to gain some real-life work experience and boost your CV. This break gives you the opportunity to choose the best path for you; work, play or both.

Our 2021 LPC Employment Promise

We're so committed to your future that if you don’t get a job in the first nine months after graduating, we’ll give you your LPC fees back and much more. You’ll get 50% as cashback and 100% as credit towards any other course.* This applies to LPC September 2021 courses only.

Don’t delay. Take up this opportunity before it ends.


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