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Viewpoint by Professor Andrea Nollent

The legal press has covered the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) proposals for a new centralised assessment called the Solicitors’ Qualification Examination (SQE) extensively but what has not been so well publicised is the SRA’s recent announcement that it will “pause and rethink” all of the proposals.

By Editorial Team. Published 22 April 2016. Last updated 29 October 2020.

Inevitably any delay causes uncertainty for both our current and prospective students. At ULaw we are confident that students with ambitions to have a career in law should continue with their plans to study for the LLB, or PGDL as appropriate together with the LPC to give them the edge in seeking a training contract. We also believe the best place to do so is at ULaw based on our formidable employability record. Furthermore, the SRA has reaffirmed its commitment to a minimum period of work based training that ‘looks like a training contract’.

It may well be that the SQE proposals are refined and become part of the future assessment framework for the core elements of the LPC, or perhaps to assess the work based learning period; but whatever the future holds we welcome the SRA’s decision to pause and rethink, and The University of Law will be actively involved in discussing the best way to test professional competence in future.

Professor Andrea Nollent is the Vice-Chancellor and CEO at The University of Law.

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