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Law with Business: Preparing for a diverse future

Our LLB Law with Business course is designed for students who want to study law but are keen to keep their future options open and maintain an interest in the world of business. But how does the merging of these two subjects work in practice? To find out, we caught up with Gayle Heppell, Programme and Student Lead for the LLB at our Leeds Campus.

By Editorial Team. Published 29 May 2019. Last updated 02 June 2023.

In addition to career paths in the legal profession, our LLB with Business opens numerous alternative employment pathways. These range from marketing and human resource management, to finance or business management. For budding entrepreneurs, the course gives the grounding and confidence needed to develop their own business model.

The Law with Business course differs from other Qualifying Law Degrees because of the options it offers. In the first year, students from the LLB Law and the LLB Law with Business study the same subjects, including Contract and Tort Law. In the second semester of your second and third years, you get to select and study optional subjects as well. If you’re studying Law with Business you’ll have a wider variety of options to choose from and, so long as you choose one law option and two business options, this allows you to customise your learning to suit your interests and aspirations. Business options will be assessed by a variety of methods, including written coursework and presentations, whereas law options are often assessed by examination.

I think the variety of options available on the Law with Business course really sets it apart. It enables you to choose the subjects that will make you attractive to future employers. Some of the most popular optional modules include Leading Change, Personal Finance and Customer Behaviour.

Leading Change provides awareness of the key factors which require change to be made in organisations and how these changes can be led and managed. In an ever-changing commercial world, such insights are vital.

Personal Finance develops knowledge of inflation, analysis of taxes and debt, and the management of investor portfolios and risk management. If you’re interested in a career in finance you’ll find this module both interesting and invaluable.

Customer Behaviour considers the key factors which affect buyer behaviour and consumer decision making, a module of particular interest if you are interested in the marketing side of business.

Studying Law with Business will not only give you an understanding of the legal aspects of how businesses operate, but you’ll also gain practical insight into the commercial world. The motivation behind this course is to give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to hit the ground running when you begin work in your chosen field. Our teaching methods are interactive and practical, often taking place in workshop groups where key transferrable skills such as teamwork and presentation skills are developed. The tutors who teach the Law with Business course are dedicated teachers who offer personal experience and guidance along the way. Combined with access to our fantastic Employability and pro bono services, you’re sure to gain practical experience, confidence and real world skills in addition to your qualifications.

The main perk of studying Law with Business is the number of exciting opportunities the course opens up for you. Successfully completing the course will not only mean you have a Qualifying Law Degree, but you’ll also have gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world of business. You’ll be able to move into a variety of sectors with so many career paths to choose from; being able to tailor your degree to your interests offers great advantages.

The best advice I can offer students thinking of studying this course is familiar. Work hard to achieve the best results you can at school or college, make sure you have interests and achievements beyond your studies, and try to arrange some work experience. Not only do extracurricular activities and work experience add value to your personal statement, but they also give you the variety and balance needed to reach your full potential. Make sure you visit us at one of our open days – you will get a taste of our teaching methods, meet current staff and students, be able to ask lots of questions and have a tour of the campus. This is an important decision, and you are in the driving seat.


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