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We Support Your Ambition: Top 5 resources to help students with the cost of living

It is no secret that times are tough at the moment, especially for students. With this in mind, we wanted to help by outlining a few useful resources that can potentially help with the cost of living crisis. Read on to find out where you can get advice and who you can speak to if you need help.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 20 March 2023.

NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisers)

NASMA stands for the National Association of Student Money Advisers they are a charity providing advice, information and training to students. Recognised as the leading authority on all matters relating to student advice and funding, NASMA’s free Student Money Matters Magazine contains lots of helpful advice on how stay financially savvy.

Money Saving Expert

With more than 16 million users a month, MoneySavingExpert.com is the UK’s biggest money-saving consumer website, focused on cutting bills with research and innovative tools dedicated to finding deals and saving you money. There is a dedicated student section to help students with their finances whilst they study including funding, commuter and broadband/mobile costs.

Your Bank

Most banks will offer some kind of support or provide services for their customers, especially when times are tough. For example, Barclays offers its Life Skills service and HSBC provides free webinars to their customers on managing and saving their money. Here are a few links outlining help that you can get from some of the UK’s biggest banks:





The Co-operative Bank


If your bank isn't here, make sure to visit their website to see what support they can offer.

Cash back Sites

Cashback sites can be an excellent way to save as you spend. Cashback sites offer cashback cards and websites that essentially put money back in your pocket as a reward for spending money. Two great cashback sites are Quidco and TopCashBack. It works by you spending money and getting a percentage back from the provider and can be really helpful when making necessary purchases or treating yourself.

Save the Student

Save the Student is a website that provides free, impartial advice to students on how they can try to make their money go further. Offering qualified support on banking, saving money, paying bills, getting jobs, affording accommodation, or just general financial advice, Save the Student is an excellent hub for those needing tailored guidance.


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