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Benefits of starting your studies in January

Most people think they can only begin their studies at the start of the academic year in September. However, we offer many courses with start dates in January. Beginning your studies in January offers you a wide variety of perks that you might not have considered. Below, you’ll discover our top reasons to start studying in January.

By Cara Fielder. Published 14 November 2022. Last updated 24 November 2023.

Broaden your horizons

A January start date gives you a break from your studies without having to delay them for a whole year. You can use this time for recuperation, travel, volunteering, work experience or employment. These experiences could bolster your CV and help you once you’ve finished your studies.

Less university competition

With fewer students starting their studies in January, there’s less competition for places on courses which means you stand a better chance of securing your place

Less job competition

Starting your course in January means you’ll graduate at a different time from most students. This could mean less competition when applying for jobs. You’ll hit the job marketing at a quieter time, allowing you a higher chance to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t get behind

Don’t let the traditional educational year hold you back from progressing sooner. With a January start, you don’t need to wait until September, you can follow your dreams right away.

New year’s resolution

Is enhancing your education or changing your career part of your new year’s resolution? Then get stuck in immediately with a course that starts in January.

Changing your mind

Did you begin your studies in September and quickly realise it’s not the right course or university for you? Don’t wait a whole year to change. We make it easy for you to transfer and study with us this January, whether you need a change of location or course or both.

A fresh mindset

January is the perfect time for new beginnings. New year, new start, new you. With a new year and a new outlook, we’ll support you to realise your career aspirations.


Benefits of studying in February

If you’re considering postgraduate studies, you will notice several courses with a February start date. So, what are the benefits of studying in February?

As you may have predicted, starting your studies in February shares a lot of perks with starting in January. There will be fewer people applying so less competition, and you’ll still be in a new year mindset and ready to start new things.

However, many postgraduate students are balancing work and studies, and January can be a busy time in the workplace. Catching up after the festive break and confirming strategies and targets for the year ahead all take time. Starting your studies in February might just give you the breather you need to stop feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re looking to move to postgraduate studies after graduation, starting in February also allows you a longer break between courses. Whether you’re working a temporary job or travelling, you can enjoy it for a little bit longer when you start your studies in February.

Considering joining us as an international student? Then starting your studies in February gives you a longer period of time to organise travel arrangements, accommodation and other logistics.


Take that first step towards your ambition by studying a course with us in the new year.