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Why you should study artificial intelligence

We live in a world increasingly dominated by technology, so choosing to study artificial intelligence (AI) could be the key to unlocking your future career. Below, we probe the world of AI, explore the various facets of the dynamic field, and examine why an artificial intelligence degree could lead to an innovative and exciting career.

By Editorial Team. Published 7 February 2024.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI simply refers to the intelligence of a machine, computer, or program which can simulate human intelligence. It’s an area of computer science and involves the study and development of such systems so that they can perform tasks which traditionally require human intelligence. AI is becoming more and more commonplace and could help improve many workplaces and organisations.

What are the different branches of artificial intelligence?

There are many divisions beneath the huge umbrella of AI, and it would be impossible to discuss them all. However, even in an ever evolving field, there are some huge areas of development at the moment. Take Natural Language Processing (NLP), the aspect of AI which interprets spoken words and written text. It powers Alexa and Siri, chatbots, and the online digital assistants of many companies. There’s also machine learning, where computers learn from data and adjust their behaviour accordingly, or robotics which can help enhance automation across many industries. These systems can improve everything from efficiency to safety.

Consider what the human mind can do – interpret data and knowledge, reason, problem solve – and there’s a good chance there’s an aspect of AI operating in the same area.

Artificial intelligence is part of a changing workforce

AI has touched many industries and will continue to do so. Manufacturing jobs are becoming increasingly automated, and some dangerous jobs are now able to be carried out by machines. Data science – which involves extracting valuable information and insights from data – can be found in banking and finance, business, and marketing. There is AI in computer games and social media. It can help support our healthcare system, monitor climate change, and improve transport. It has even made its way into the legal world.

Because of the prevalence of such systems, studying AI could be the perfect way to future proof your career. No matter what new artificial intelligence trends appear, you’ll be ready to help shape it.

What does studying artificial intelligence look like?

“From an academic perspective it’s about problem solving,” Dr Paul Sant, our head of Computer Science, explained. He goes on to explain how studying the practical, hands on subject is “For those who are inquisitive and like to solve problems... As long as you have a passion to use technology, this course is for you.”

What are the most useful degrees for a career in AI?

Whilst an artificial intelligence degree can be valuable, many choose to study the wider world of computer science. Our BSc (Hons) in Computer Science explores the real-world applications of AI and technology, with dedicated modules on machine learning, data science, AI and robotics.

The very nature of AI means many professionals from diverse fields can benefit from and enhance the vast scope of artificial intelligence. This was recently highlighted in a survey carried out by Dr. Julie Prescott, our Head of Psychology, which found 66% of 25-34 year-olds would prefer to discuss their feelings with AI, rather than a loved one. No matter your background, if you want to explore a career in the field we also offer an MSc in Computer Science (Conversion) for graduates. We also offer an MSc in Legal Technology for those looking to explore how the legal world is being reshaped by technology.

What are the benefits of studying AI in 2024?

One of the biggest benefits of studying AI is the potential career opportunities available. Your knowledge and skills will enable you to choose whichever industry you want to work in and leave the doors open to change if you ever choose to do so. You can help reshape organisations, simplify complex problems, stand at the forefront of cutting edge tech.

Studying artificial intelligence is not only an investment in your future, but the future itself.


If you're interested in a career in AI, check out our MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business.