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Student Snapshot: William Quamina - GDL student, ULaw Manchester

William Quamina took his law conversion course (GDL) at ULaw Manchester.  Opting for the 9-month course he tells other wannabe law students to not feel daunted by the work.  

By Editorial Team. Published 27 November 2015. Last updated 11 January 2023.

I shopped around but ULaw stood out to me due to the fact it’s educated so many senior partners and successful barristers. There are a few big names in their Alumni network.

The Manchester centre is the perfect size meaning we all have a great working relationship with the staff without it feeling too claustrophobic. They know us all by name and it’s easy to find help when you need it.

The GDL (now the PGDL) isn’t just learning the law; it’s learning how to think like a lawyer. It’s always useful to see the world with a different view.

I was in two minds about my career ambitions when I came to ULaw. I knew I fancied a career at the bar but didn’t know how accessible it would be to me. Informal moots in class, the debate society and the organised mooting competition all helped me realise I want to give it a shot.  The negotiation skills workshops were a real highlight. I’m really competitive, so getting one over on your mates is always fun. 

I’ve always been one to think on my feet and talk my way out of trouble. I am hoping to turn that into a profession. I enjoyed studying equity and so see myself going down the civil law route.

I’d say to new students:  Don’t be daunted by the work on the GDL. You’ll soon realise everyone’s in it together and that actually it’s not bad at all once you get into the routine. It almost goes without saying but I’d advise anyone to get involved as much as possible and make the most of what ULaw has to offer, be that sports or the careers service.

Outside of studies I’m big on my sport, music and socialising. I think I managed to strike a great balance this year and helped organise our Summer Ball, which was a great success, if I might say so myself.  I’ve always been a bit of a performer; my mum took me to ballet class when I was 4. It took me at least a year to realise I much preferred football.

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