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Choose Law widening access scholarship winners

Each year we support the ambition of our students by awarding four Choose Law scholarships to postgraduate applicants. Last year’s winners were Chloe Grant, Abigail Grace, Christina Leinen and Ashleigh Lennard.

By Editorial Team. Published 31 August 2018. Last updated 13 October 2022.

Their respective courses at The University of Law has been funded in full by the Choose Law scholarship for the last academic year. The Choose Law scholarship is available to students who have received an offer to a place on our Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Legal Practice (LPC), MA Law or Bar Professional Training (BPTC), have obtained (or expect to be awarded) at least a Lower Second Class degree or international equivalent and be from a household with an income of £25,000 or less.

We caught up with Chloe, Abigail, Christina and Ashleigh to find out their plans for their future careers.

Ashleigh Lennard (GDL, Leeds)

I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was 12. I’ve never been in the right place in my life to start my law career so when the opportunity arose I decided to apply and it was the best decision I have made.

I chose The University of Law because it has a great reputation when it comes to working alongside leading global law firms, providing top quality education for their students.

To have won a full-fee scholarship is life changing, people talk about events that happen in their life that pushes them to achieve more and for me that is getting a full-fee scholarship. I now have the ability to achieve what I've always wanted to. I’m so proud of my achievements so far.

I have big dreams and ambitions and hope to one day become a judge, I know it will be a challenging road ahead but I've never been as excited for something as I am to start my law career.

Abigail Grace (GDL, Bloomsbury)

To me it’s incredibly humbling to have been awarded the scholarship and it’s meant there’s been less pressure financially this year, so I’ve had more time to concentrate on studying, gaining valuable work experience and doing pro bono schemes.

I chose ULaw because it has a good reputation and I had friends who studied at the university previously and spoke very highly of the course and tutors.

I’d like to work with refugees. I’ve been working for a charity and my aim is to continue working in the NGO or humanitarian sector, whether that’s through research, directly with people in crisis or at a policy level. I’m keen to gain a foundational understanding of the law in the UK and then look specifically at immigration or human rights law so that I can work in these areas.

Christina Leinen (GDL, Bloomsbury)

I’ve been studying law for a number of years now but my undergraduate degree is from another jurisdiction, so I needed to do the GDL to practise law in England and Wales.

Like most young people, I’m still trying to figure out how to best use my skills and my passion to contribute to a more just society. A qualification in law can be a solid foundation to achieve one’s goals and to contribute positively. 

My advice for those applying for the scholarship is to make your essay stand out. Find an interesting angle and run with it. Be elegant, original, concise and persuasive – after all, these are the qualities you need to become a successful lawyer.

Chloe Grant (GDL, Bristol)

Winning a full-fee scholarship has absolutely changed my life. Quite simply, this award opened the door to my dream of a legal career: without it, I couldn’t see how I would have managed financially.

Being chosen as one of the four winners of the Choose Law scholarship also really boosted my confidence because it’s such a prestigious award. In a field as competitive as law, it’s hopefully something that will help my CV stand out from the crowd.

I want a career that’s challenging and fast-paced, but I also want to feel like I’m making a positive social difference. For me, law ticks all those boxes.

My educational background means that child and family law are natural areas of interest for me. I’m keen to practise as a solicitor, and the GDL is an essential part of this plan. In the future, who knows? Maybe owning my own firm, or sitting as a Judge of the Family Court: it doesn’t hurt to aim high…

My most important piece of advice to people thinking of applying for a scholarship is this: apply, apply, apply, because doing so just might change your life.

To find out more about how we support our students through the postgraduate scholarships we have available, including the Choose Law scholarship, visit our website.