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Amplify your knowledge: The best psychology podcasts

Time is precious, especially for students who need to prioritise studying over bingeing the latest Netflix show. However, podcasts are an excellent way of learning on the go. Not only that, they also help drown out the world on your commute or silence the buzzing chatter in the cafe. Whether you’re already studying psychology or considering a psychology degree in the future, you’re bound to find something fresh on our list below.

By Grant Longstaff. Published 22 November 2023.

All in the Mind

First on our list is All in the Mind from the BBC. Hosted by Claudia Hammond, All in the Mind is a bit of a one-stop shop when it comes to psychology, describing itself as a podcast “on how we think, feel and behave”. By choosing to focus on many aspects of the subject the podcast offers insights into a wide range of areas. Just a quick glance at their episode feed will give you a glimpse at the far reaching topics they’ve discussed with an impressive guest list featuring psychologists, professors, mental health campaigners and many others. All in the Mind is a must listen if you want to know more about psychology, however, they don’t stick to a strict release schedule so be sure to subscribe.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is a podcast that looks to examine human behaviour, emotions, and relationships. Often, host Shankar Vedantam will be joined by a psychologist or health professional to discuss and unpack a central idea. Otherwise, episodes feature a guest telling their personal story to help listeners relate to and better understand people and their behaviours. Vedantam said, “Every episode of Hidden Brain aims to help people get to know themselves a little better, to think of their inner worlds with less judgment and more curiosity.” Also, there’s a comprehensive reading list provided for each episode on the Hidden Brain website – a bonus for psychology students looking for some additional reading.

Two Guys on Your Head

In Two Guys on Your Head, hosts Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke explore a different facet of human behaviour and the brain in each episode. Their conversations are engaging and cover everything from the most serious corners of psychology, such as trauma and PTSD, to lighter topics, including magic, and boredom. One of the biggest draws of Two Guys on Your Head are their responses to new articles, theories, and ‘pop psychology’. Finally, at around eight minutes an episode, you can gain valuable new insights in the time it takes you to drink your morning coffee.


Being a podcast from the British Psychological Society (BPS), PsychCrunch is a fundamental for any psychology student. Discussing whether discoveries in psychological science can make a practical difference, the host chats to “psychologists about their research and whether they apply what they’ve discovered in their own lives”. Whilst the back catalogue of episodes isn’t as big as others on our list, PsychCrunch more than makes up for it with their list of expert guests, including doctors and professors at the top of their game. Also, you’ll find a list of further reading and related articles accompanying each episode, regardless of whether the discussion centres on grief, fear, daydreaming, or better understanding your cat.

Speaking of Psychology

Speaking of Psychology is a podcast created by the American Psychology Association (APA) and aims to “[highlight] some of the latest, most important, and relevant psychological research being conducted today”. In each episode, host Kim Mills has a conversation with an expert in the field and together they address psychological ideas and theories. You’ll discover the topics are wide ranging, with recent episodes alone addressing the myths and realities of OCD, celebrity crushes, how hormones and the menstrual cycle affect mental health, and why people are drawn to extreme sports. The best part? There’s a backlist of hundreds of episodes and topics for you to explore.

Get Psyched - The University of Law

On a list of psychology podcasts, it would be remiss not to mention our own contribution to the conversation. On our podcast, you’ll find episodes where our psychology faculty, and their guests, discuss various elements of psychology. Our episode on love languages sees lecturers Mark Jellicoe and Elizabeth Abbey discuss the psychological evidence and viability of the theory. You’ll also find our Head of Psychology, Julie Prescott, in conversation with Camellia Taylor, a garden and landscape designer who integrates psychology into her work, and Dr Steven Barnes, who talks about mental health and digital games.


Has our list of best psychology podcasts whet your appetite for a career in the field? Take a look at our undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses and enrol today.