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We Support Your Ambition: Top TikTok accounts for law students

With over one billion monthly users, it’s no surprise that the video-focused social media platform TikTok is one of the world’s favourite past times. With eight new users joining TikTok every second, there are videos on every niche you can imagine. However, with that many accounts posting daily, it can be hard to find TikTok pages you want to follow. To help our law students, we have put together a list of the best legal TikTok accounts to follow.

By Elsa Tatam. Published 20 May 2022. Last updated 06 July 2023.


Gill Turvey is a “Canadian girl studying law in the UK”. On her page you will find videos featuring jokes about studying law, life as an international student and days in the life. Gill shares it all, so you can enjoy her light-hearted approach to exams, lectures and the cultural differences she has seen as an international student.


Have you ever accepted terms and conditions without actually reading what they say? I think we’re all guilty of that. However, have you ever wondered what it is that you’ve signed up for- positive or negative? Well, The Law Says What are a couple of lawyers who read the fine print, so you don’t have to. Have you ever had a flight cancelled last minute? Or you were suddenly involved in a subscription service you don’t remember signing up to? Maclen and Ashleigh will explain how that happens, where you stand when it does, and what to look out for next time.


LadiesofLaw utilises their page to empower women in law with light-hearted content alongside tips and tricks of the industry. With a smaller following, the close-knit community have networking lunches and often discuss ways for women to get into the industry, in conjunction with industry inside jokes. Ella has created an incredible account for young women to follow who are looking to find comradery in their experiences, whilst also learning ways to handle difficult situations they may face. 


Averie Bishop is a lifestyle TikToker for those looking to get into law who specialises in ‘get ready with me for a day in court’ videos and positive mental health when studying. While Averie is American, her content is focused on how individuals can be affected when studying or working in law rather than the law itself. Her incredible series about the best things she learnt at law school features videos explaining that using complex language doesn’t make you a better writer and how she shouldn’t be so hard on herself while learning.


Legal Cheek feature the perfect accumulation of various topics within law culture, for both students and those in the workplace. Whether it is joking about the highs and lows of law school or offering law based book and movie recommendations, they are a must follow for anyone in the legal industry.


Of course, you can’t forget our own brand new TikTok account. Showcasing life through a lens at The University of Law, make sure you follow our TikTok account for behind-the-scenes glimpses of campus life, and what your fellow students are up to. Don’t forget to tag us in your TikToks based on your time studying with us and if you want to get involved with making content for our channel, please contact [email protected].


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