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Learn Your Way: Millie Grundy

If you've been considering online study, you've probably been wondering what the experience is really like. We caught up with our former Online student, Millie Grundy, to learn more about the reality of studying the LPC online and her top tips on how to succeed.

By the Editorial Team. Published 27 October 2023.

I chose to study with The University of Law when I visited the Birmingham Campus, the tutors were so welcoming and passionate about teaching and this enthusiasm made me want to become part of the community. I began studying MA Law at the Birmingham campus and then switched to the Online campus for the rest of my MA Law course and LPC using the University’s CampuSwitch scheme.

When it came to choosing the LPC solicitor course, I was drawn to it because of the practical training it offers. The LPC is specifically designed to equip aspiring solicitors with the skills they need to excel in their legal careers. It covers a wide range of subjects, including contract law, tort law, and legal research. By completing the LPC, I knew I would gain a deeper understanding of legal practice and be well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. It's an exciting step towards becoming a solicitor.

Flexibility in studying is incredibly important, particularly when studying law. It allowed me to balance my academic pursuits with other aspects of my life such as working full time as a Trainee Solicitor. With a flexible study schedule, I was able to adapt my learning to fit my personal commitments, work, or any other responsibilities I had. It helped me maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensured that I could make the most of my time. Plus, it allowed me to explore different learning methods and environments that suited my individual needs and preferences. Overall, flexible study empowered me to take control of my education and create a learning experience that worked best for me.

Here are my top tips for staying on top of online study:

  • Create a schedule: set aside dedicated study time each day or a period of time on the weekend to stay on track with your work. Also, break down your tasks into manageable chunks.
  • Stay organised: Keep track of deadlines, reading, and workload. Use digital tools like calendars, to-do lists, and online folders to stay organised and ensure you don't miss anything.
  • Actively participate: Engage in online discussions on Elite. This will help you gain different perspectives, clarify concepts, and deepen your understanding of the particular legal subject matter.
  • Seek support: Don't hesitate to reach out to your tutors or other students if you have questions or need clarification.
  • Stay motivated: Set goals for yourself and celebrate your achievements along the way. Find study buddies or join online study groups to keep motivated.
  • Take breaks: Remember to give yourself regular breaks to rest and recharge. This will help prevent burnout and keep your focus sharp.
  • Utilise resources: Take advantage of the online library, legal databases, and other resources available to you. These can provide additional research materials and support your learning.

Online learning requires self-discipline and proactive engagement. Stay committed, stay motivated, and you'll succeed in your online law studies.

As a student studying online at the University of Law, I cannot stress enough how valuable the resources are, especially the employability service and the online library. The employability service has been a game-changer for me, providing assistance with CVs, honing interview skills, and preparing for the job market. It's a fantastic resource that helps me build a strong foundation for my future career. Secondly, the online library. Being able to access a wealth of material resources from anywhere is a game-changer. It allowed me to dive into research, access textbooks, and expand my legal knowledge conveniently. These resources have truly enhanced my online learning experience.

I really enjoyed the flexible learning approach, with deadlines at the end of the week it allowed me to structure my time as appropriate to my personal life and workload. I really recommend the Online campus for those who are working whilst studying.


Hear more from Millie about her experience of studying at our Online Campus at our virtual event on 1 November 2023: My Online Student Journey.