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We Support Your Ambition: Emily Buttrick

Current ULaw student Emily Buttrick joined us to study the LLB at our Manchester campus in 2018. We caught up with Emily to discuss the skills she gained during the pandemic and how ULaw are supporting her ambition to become a solicitor.

By Cara Fielder. Published 15 November 2021.

I chose to study at The University of Law because of the emphasis on employability, the careers network and the different style of teaching (practising lawyers as teachers and group work), which was unique compared to other universities I visited. Due to the smaller class sizes, I also felt the teaching to be more personalised to individual students.

My career ambition is to complete the LPC and LLM at ULaw and eventually qualify as a solicitor. At the moment, I am unsure what area of law I would like to specialise in. I currently work in debt and property recovery services and volunteer in employment and contracts at United Legal Access. Although they are very different areas of law, the skills I have developed in each sector have been completely transferable, making drafting, researching and understanding the law simpler. I am still completely open to exploring the areas of law I eventually want to practise in, so having the freedom to choose electives in my LPC will be hugely beneficial to see the more practical side of the subject areas.

During the pandemic, I developed my employability and soft skills by attending networking sessions, virtual vacation schemes and generally improving my presence on LinkedIn. I was able to develop my confidence immensely during this period as the events I attended familiarised me with the kind of work a solicitor does and solidified my passion to pursue a career in law. As a result of networking and attending events, I have been able to form connections which led to additional volunteering and opportunities such as writing an article for Watson’s Daily. This has all increased my confidence in interviews and networking and has recently led to two job offers at two law firms in Manchester.

The Careers Team supported me through my time at ULaw, especially when I was applying for work experience. I received detailed feedback on my CV, cover letter, and support regarding practice questions and managing nerves for my interview.

I used the ULaw Employability Services to gain valuable pro bono opportunities. These came from the regular employability newsletters and ULaw’s social media accounts. These experiences have developed my skills in drafting, legal research and teamwork, just to name a few.  

I attended debating society last year, which was a valuable experience in developing critical thinking and communication. I have also made so many friends while at ULaw.

Living with my friends at university was a crucial part of my experience. I have made friends for life and since finishing my LLB, I now live with two of my LPC university friends. Moving out of my parents’ home to Manchester and with people I didn’t know was daunting. However, doing so has done wonders for my confidence. Living with my friends at university definitely made studying easier and having people to relate to was incredibly beneficial.

My experience at ULaw has helped me gain so much confidence. At the start of University, I was nervous putting my hand up in class in case I was wrong. However, I now feel like I could easily present a piece of work to a class. My virtual confidence has also increased considerably since the first lockdown after the Leadership Experience. In terms of practical skills, I have developed legal drafting and research skills from pro bono opportunities that the University offers.

My greatest achievement at ULaw was receiving First Class Honours in my LLB. After working so hard, often having very late nights and early mornings to get the work done, it was incredibly rewarding to open my results and see that I received a First. I would not have been able to do it without the amazing support from my tutors and the Programme and Student Lead Rachel Driscoll, -they have been incredibly supportive and kind over the past three years.

I would advise all new ULaw students make use of the Careers Team as soon as they arrive. The Employability Service is what sets ULaw apart from other universities.


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