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Learn Your Way: An Interview with Danielle Hubbard — World Entrepreneur Day

To celebrate World Entrepreneur Day, we spoke with one of our postgraduate students, Danielle Hubbard, who is a HR professional and co-business owner. Here, Danielle shares the secrets of her success so far and how studying a Master’s online has enriched her professional development.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 21 August 2021.

Running a business or working full-time doesn’t allow for much spare time, so the flexible and part-time option offered by The University of Law was an attractive route for me. I also really enjoy the live study element, so I feel connected to lecturers and fellow students along the way. Without the option of flexible study, I would have simply missed out on the opportunity to pursue further study. In this new digital age, it allows people from so many different backgrounds to access further education. I am also fortunate enough to have a really flexible working schedule in the business, so fit in the majority of my reading around this.

I am currently studying for my MSc in HR with Employment Law. I chose this focus after completing my CIPD Level 5 and wanted to further progress my knowledge of HR practices with an emphasis on employment law. The University of Law has an excellent reputation for both in person and online studies, and with the course fitting so well with what I was looking to achieve, it was an easy choice to make.

I first knew I wanted to be a HR professional when I moved into my first recruitment management role, somewhere around eight years ago. I did not take any further steps until the pandemic hit, and we were all thrown into lockdown which turned so many businesses and careers upside down. I wanted to upskill and make my skillset more valuable, but additionally, I had a lot of passion for people development that I wanted to develop through further study, leading on to undertaking my CIPD course.

It would be accurate to say I “fell” into my career sector, starting out as a receptionist and progressing as the years went by into a consultant, team manager, business manager and now a director and co-owner. Halfway through the pandemic, I was given the opportunity to buy the business with three other colleagues, and we decided to do just that. After almost two years, we have seen many challenges, exciting changes and developments and have already set a fantastic foundation for business growth. My further education has hugely supported this, and enhanced the people practices and employment law knowledge as we expand both our services and our team.

One of my favourite study resources at the university is the Elite system. Elite is packed with information and the reading/unit tabs are so straightforward to navigate and keep track of. I additionally like the formatting of preparing, engaging and consolidation within each unit, keeping this structured to enable the best study practice. Most of all, the lectures, support teams and, in fact, everybody I have asked for help has been amazing. The team seem to love what they do, and the support is very much appreciated.

My advice to anyone thinking of choosing a flexible study mode is to do it. It is most certainly challenging, and a big commitment so that needs a lot of thought, but if you genuinely want to enhance your education, this is a fantastic way of doing it to fit around work, fitness, or children (or needy dog) schedules.

Finally, if you are an entrepreneurial spirit: I am a firm believer that anybody can do anything they set their mind to. Being an entrepreneur is about so much more than running a business, directing staff, and building an empire. Success means different things to different people; it is not always about money and power. For me, success is running a business I am proud of, creating opportunities for both myself and those around me, using my knowledge to help others develop, and growing a brand with people I genuinely enjoy spending time with. I would advise anybody to think about what being an entrepreneur means to them, how to get it, and then work hard to achieve it.


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