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International Vlogging Day 2020: Top 5 legal vloggers

In our digital age vlogging has taken off. Vlogging is the popular practice of video-blogging and has given birth to a generation of new celebrities through the video platform YouTube. Vloggers cover everything you can think of, from bad-cooking to survival techniques, gardening, make-up advice, music and more. Law is no exception.

By Cara Fielder. Published 10 August 2020. Last updated 27 July 2022.

Law vloggers can be a great source of information and inspiration for those studying or thinking of studying law. Even seasoned lawyers and barristers refer to law vloggers for topical thought on the legal system. For International Vlogging Day, we have listed five of the top law vloggers well worth tuning into.


Eve Cornwell

Eve Cornwell is a Linklaters trainee solicitor, criminal justice reform advocate, founder of The Millennial Coffee Club and Taylor Swift fan. She also completed her studies with ULaw in 2019 going on to a training contract at the Magic Circle firm.

With over 346,000 subscribers, she has a vast influence in the legal profession with her informative and honest takes on her career. She often vlogs about high-profile cases including celebrities, gives her opinion on politics and US politics while also producing helpful video guides for anyone considering law school.

Watch her first instalment of a behind-the-scenes vlog series at Linklaters:

Jonathan Seitler QC and Miriam Seitler

Father and daughter legal duo are behind Carpool Caselaw, a play on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Both property law specialists, Wilberforce Chambers‘ Jonathan Seitler QC and his daughter, Miriam Seitler, a barrister at Landmark Chambers, film themselves on the way to work taking law.

The sometimes humorous conversations give us a glimpse into life as a property lawyer and the family dynamics within law. Miriam is led by Jonathan in discussing real cases for others to learn from.

Watch the first episode of Carpool Caselaw here:


Chrissie Wolf

Chrissie Wolf is the vlogger behind Law and Broader. She is a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell specialising in international personal injury claims and cosmetic surgery, along with being an advocate of Law-tech, innovation and a proud pioneer of Legal Ed-tech.

With nearly 6,000 subscribers, Chrissie produces videos about law and lifestyle while also cataloguing life as a solicitor in Birmingham. Her law videos focus on how to break into the industry and excel at the recruitment process.

See her video “Diaries of a lawyer during the coronavirus outbreak” here:



Anonymous vlogger Rose is behind the Ways to Study YouTube channel which has racked up over 20 million views. Her Netherlands accent is the only defining feature of this law student blog. In the second year of her studies, mysterious Rose has provided study tips to students and, law students in particular, all around the world.

Her videos teach how to maintain productivity, how to organise and how to get the best out of your studies. Those who need motivation and study tips flock to the Ways to Study channel for the best presented tips on how to study for success.

Watch Rose’s video on how to take productive and effective notes during your studies here:


Ali Obeid

Law student and future White & Case trainee solicitor, Ali Obeid, focuses on opportunity, diversity and building bridges between students from disadvantaged backgrounds and prestigious institutions.

His channel shares his experiences as a law student, but also careers, personal growth and diversity. He often covers themes such as racism, feminism and social injustice in the law. He has achieved over 150,000 views on his cheeky, informative videos

Check out his review on the four books every lawyer wannabe must read here:


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