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Top 5 ways to connect to your classmates while studying online

Working and studying online is becoming the new normal as people have the space to prioritise their free time and a schedule that fits around their lifestyle. To help you get the most out of your studies, we have listed our top five tips for connecting with classmates while studying online.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 10 October 2022. Last updated 03 January 2023.

1. Set up a group chat

Now, this one might sound simple but why not take the first step and set up a group chat with your peers? This is not only a quick and efficient way to exchange information on anything study-related, but an excellent way to stay connected to your classmates and learn more about each other. Setting up the group yourself will also help to establish you as someone confident and approachable to your classmates.

2. Join a society

Joining a society may not be the first thing that comes to mind for online students. However, there are a number of online societies including the Legal Tech & Leadership society, and the Beyond Laws society, a group dedicated to discussing global legal issues.

Joining a society will help to build a sense of community and push you out of your comfort zone, which is an important experience for both campus-based and online students.

3. Join your local campus Facebook group

The University of Law has a Facebook group for every campus, including the Online Campus. Here, students can share advice and queries around all-things campus related from study resources, wellbeing, to university events. The Facebook groups are a great way to network with other students from your campus outside of your course, as well as learn more about the university.

4. Arrange video calls with course mates

As an online student, you will spend a lot of time on video calls including one-on-one sessions with your tutors, as well as online lectures. There will also be the opportunity to speak with fellow classmates, such as on group assignments.

It’s a good idea to utilise video calls for non-academic purposes too, such as to have a chat with course mates. If you don’t feel comfortable ringing people out of the blue, put in a regular slot with one or a few peers to have a catch up every week or fortnight. This will help you get to know each other better despite not being in the same room face-to-face.

5. Make time to see people in person

Perhaps the most important way to stay feeling connected while studying online is to stay focused on building a life beyond the online space. This means regularly making time to see course mates, friends, and family outside of study hours. When working at home, it can be easy to just wind down and relax after studying as you are already in a comfortable space. However, breaking up the days and making time for in-person interaction is crucial for mental wellbeing and a healthy social life.


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