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switch it up


Fancy a change of scenery? Want to experience life in a new city?

We have a total of 20 campuses: 17 campuses in the UK, our online campus, and campuses in Hong Kong and Berlin. This gives you lots of choice and flexibility of where and how to study.

With CampuSwitch, you can start your course at one campus, then move to another to continue and complete your studies. You can also switch from face-to-face study to online, or from a full-time course to a part-time course.

Not only is this a great opportunity to study at a different campus, it also gives you the ability to balance work and study requirements if you need to make a change.


CampuSwitch: there is no fee to switch campus for the first time. If you make a subsequent switch an administrative fee of £100 may apply. Additional course fees may also apply if you switch to a campus with a higher course fee.

Global Rotation: there is no administration fee. Additional course fees may apply depending on your rotation choice. Visa restrictions and study conditions apply.

Where can I switch to?

You have plenty of choice when it comes to where you’d like to move for your studies. We have campuses in Berlin, Birmingham, Bristol, Guildford, Hong Kong, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Chester, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, University of Liverpool, University of Reading, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton and two locations in London – Bloomsbury and Moorgate.

With CampuSwitch you can switch to any campus, including our online campus, that offers your course. Explore all our locations.

How it works

Start by discussing your plans with your Student Journey Advisor, to make sure that you are aware of all your options and that a transfer is the best choice for you.

There must be space on your chosen course in order to transfer. On some courses you may be able to transfer at any time, in other cases you would transfer from the Spring or Autumn semester, to ensure that you do not repeat any content.

You will then complete a Switch Form, which are available from your Student Journey Advisor. All requests are subject to approval.

You can find the CampuSwitch Terms and Conditions in section 8. Transfer, in the Student Terms and Conditions.

Other considerations

If you have adjustments to accommodate any specific physical/learning need which may be impacted by the transfer, please consult our Disability and Inclusion Service before proceeding.

Information for visa sponsored students

If you are studying with us on a student visa, you are permitted to switch to one of our UK campuses. Please submit your request to the Student Information Service at your current campus who will then notify our Visa Compliance Team. They will notify the Home Office of the change in your study location.

Please note that if you ask to transfer to our Online Campus or our Hong Kong campus, the University is required to report a withdrawal of your student visa sponsorship to the Home Office. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to continue sponsorship for students who are no longer studying in the UK and/or studying online, due to Home Office regulations.

If you would like to discuss any visa implications before submitting a request to change campus, please contact International Student Advice at [email protected]

More information

If you have any questions about CampuSwitch, we’re happy to help. Just drop us an email.