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Learn Your Way: De-bunking myths surrounding flexible study

Flexible study is the future – allowing students to learn their way, in their own time. Whether it be online, part-time, or on an accelerated course, flexibility means students can tailor their learning experience around their everyday lives and circumstances. As a result, these study modes becoming more popular, but there are still several misconceptions around them. Here, we de-bunk some of the top myths surrounding flexible study.

By Cara Fielder. Published 09 August 2023.

Myth: You are not required to complete the same number of study hours as a conventional degree

While studying flexibly does mean tailoring the course around your day-to-day routine, it does not mean that less hours studying are required. This may mean that online or part-time students do less hours on an average weekday, however, they would be expected to make up these hours on the weekend, evenings, or whenever is a suitable time depending on their needs.

Myth: Studying online means you miss out on the community aspect of university

Naturally, studying online means that you will not be meeting your peers and tutor face-to-face. However, this does not mean that you can’t form great connections and make friends via your course. Through our Online Campus, we offer various resources to support students in feeling a part of the community such as through online societies and social media groups where you can connect with your peers.

Myth: Studying part-time is only for people who are already in employment

Most people think of part-time study as being for those who work and balance their studies alongside this. While part-time study is an excellent choice for people in this position, it is also selected for a multitude of reasons. Some opt for this choice to balance their study alongside other personal commitments, hobbies, side hustles, or simply because they would prefer to take their time.

Myth: Once you enrol as an online student, you are committed to studying remotely

If you have enrolled in our Online campus, this does not mean you cannot later opt to study at one of our many campuses. Through our CampuSwitch scheme, you can transfer from campus-based to online, online to campus-based, or between different campuses. Selecting a study mode and course can be daunting due to the question of whether it is the right thing, but we ensure you have the support to explore all of your different options and study in a way that suits you. Reach out to your personal tutor or our Student Journey team to learn more.


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