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We Support Your Ambition: Megi Zeqo

It’s not all studying and hard work at The University of Law. We want to make your university experience the best it can be, with a whole range of events, social groups and other activities available to all our students. Megi Zeqo is studying her LLB at our London Bloomsbury campus. Just into her first year of this three year Qualifying Law Degree, she’s at the very beginning of her journey into the legal world and is looking forward to exploring career options as her studies go on.

By Editorial Team. Published 29 March 2019. Last updated 11 January 2023.

I chose The University of Law because of the convenient location and the excellence in teaching. Also, coming from a non-European country, I was very much attracted to the diversity as I’m studying with students from all around the world.

I’ve not quite yet decided what path I am going to take but it is certainly going to be a legal one. I’m currently undecided between commercial and criminal law, but it’s very early in my degree and I have a lot of modules to help me decide which area best suits me.

I can say for sure that the tutors are the best help I have ever had. I’ve also joined many student groups and in particular I’m looking forward to being involved in the Debating Society.

The University of Law has many options for every kind of person. It is not just a place for learning and practising, but it is also a place for having fun. The number of activities available at the University is a great way for students to decrease their stress levels and make it a fun time as well.

The pro bono activities on offer are some of the best options to get the knowledge and practical skills you need as a lawyer. ULaw does this in a great way as the students can participate from their first year and it gets more and more familiar over time. I feel that by the end of the three years I will be confident enough to move to my next step.

I would say this is one of the most convenient universities in London. It’s a great location, with parks, restaurants, bars and shops very nearby. I’ve had amazing help from tutors and felt that the workshops have been very successful.

I have made many friends and I am enjoying getting to know people from different backgrounds and different age groups. I have met many of my friends in the workshops as we sit in groups and get to know each other very well. It is nice to have friends and make our time in ULaw fun while studying together.

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